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This title is for centering.. Is the bride a beauty?

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1 This title is for centering.


3 Is the bride a beauty?

4 A fresh garland of flowers, a star with golden rays. And for nothing: only a hundred yen!

5 If your Grace commands, I have an assortment of girls…

6 Go, bring her, Goro.


8 What frenzy has taken you! Could you really be infatuated?

9 I don’t know! It depends on the degree of infatuation!

10 Love or whim, I’m not sure.

11 Certainly she has ensnared me with her ingenuous arts.

12 Light as fragile brown glass in her stature, in her bearing, she seems like a figure from a screen.

13 But from her shining lacquer background, she suddenly detaches herself…

14 …like a little butterfly she flutters and rests with a silent gracefulness that I must pursue her, even if I break her wings.


16 The day before yesterday she came to the Consulate.

17 I didn’t see her, but I heard her speak.

18 The mystery of her voice struck my soul.

19 Certainly when it’s sincere, love speaks like that.

20 It would be a great pity to tear those light wings, and perhaps lay waste a trusting heart.

21 - My tactful Consul, calm yourself. You worry too much. - It would be a great pity...

22 - There’s no harm in directing those wings to flights of love! - That divine little voice should not have to sing a song of grief!

23 - Whiskey? - Another glass.


25 I drink to your family far away.

26 And to the day I will marry for real, a true American wife!

27 There! They’ve reached the summit of the slope.

28 One can hear the murmur of a feminine swarm like wind through the trees!


30 Such sky, such sea!

31 - Such sky, such sea! - Another step, come now.

32 You’re so slow! Here’s the peak. Look at the lovely flowers!

33 A happy spring-like breeze breathes over the sea and earth.

34 - I am the most happy girl in Japan, in the whole world! - Happy chattering of youth!

35 Friends, I have come to the threshold of love, where the good of those who live and die is gathered.


37 ---------

38 Here, give him your hand.

39 Such lovely blonde hair! Dear child, what is your name?

40 Answer him: Today my name is Sorrow.

41 However, when you write my father, tell him on the day of his return, my name will be Joy…


43 Your father will know about it, I promise you.


45 Wasp! Accursed toad!


47 - What is it? - He’s buzzing around us, the vampire!

48 And every day he tells the four winds that no one knows who the boy’s father is!

49 I was just saying… that in America a boy will lead the life of an outcast among the people if he’s a bastard.

50 You’re lying!


52 Say it again and I’ll kill you!

53 Get out!


55 You’ll see, little love, my sorrow and my comfort, you’ll see your avenger will take us far away to his country!

56 The port cannon!


58 - It’s a warship… - White… the American flag with the stars…

59 It’s maneuvering to drop anchor…

60 Support my hand so I can make out the ship’s name.

61 There it is! Abraham Lincoln!

62 They all lied! Only I knew it! Only I who love him!

63 You see this foolish doubt of yours? He has come!

64 He has come just when everyone was saying; weep and despair!

65 My love triumphs!! He returns and he loves me!



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