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String a Tennis Racquet

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1 String a Tennis Racquet
How to… String a Tennis Racquet

2 Racquet stringing is one of those tedious tasks that many tennis players dread. Some may decide to take their racquets to a country club to be strung, while others decide to buy their own stringing machine and do it themselves. Before you go out and buy a top model machine, you should know how to string. This presentation will show you the main steps in racquet stringing. Remember that not all racquets are designed the same. The stringing pattern on one racquet may be completely different than another. Be sure to check with your racquet manufacturer for the correct stringing pattern.

3 Prepping the Racquet Cut the strings out of the racquet
Check the racquet to determine appropriate tension Mount the racquet on the stringing machine Set the tension

4 Main Strings Insert the strings at the center point in racquet frame
Clamp one string Pull the tension on the other string Clamp the string to hold the tension

5 Main String Tips Continue with the main strings pulling the tension on each string To keep tension evenly distributed on frame, keep alternating to the left and right of center Tie knots

6 Cross Strings Make initial tie off at the top of the racquet
Weave strings over and under the mains Be sure to alternate the pattern Pull tension and clamp closest to tension

7 Cross String Tips Always string one row ahead of what you pull
Use one hand over and the other under the racquet to weave Pull string loose while weaving Tie end knot by increasing tension Click below to view movie

8 Finishing Touches Tie off last knot Clip excess strings
Check for accuracy Remove the racquet from the stringing machine Enjoy your match

9 Credits Background image and tennis racquet clipart is part of the Microsoft Office clipart suite All graphics and video were taken by Kristen Samuelson using a Minolta DiMage Z2 digital camera Racquet is a 6.1 Hyper ProStaff by Wilson Stringing machine is the Revo model by Alpha

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