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Mise en Scène the staging of a scene where the action unfolds

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1 Mise en Scène the staging of a scene where the action unfolds
the overall look and feel of a movie the sum of everything the audience sees, hears, & experiences

2 Four Basic Elements of Mise en Scène:
Setting Actors (and their performance) Lighting Composition

3 Setting (where the action unfolds)
Can be: general or specific, real or imaginary set construction vs. on location vs. CGI All are creative and $ challenges

4 Setting Visual and spatial attributes of setting
Inside/outside, bright/dark, open/closed eg: open spaces can be limitless (Red River) or show dread (Castaway) Contextual use of setting: qualities of what’s included Cultural meaning, insight into characters Function of setting estb. time and place, themes, ideas, create mood some genres have particular settings, like…

5 Actors* Casting Acting style Actor placement
(type-casting, A-listers) Acting style (impersonation, personification, method, character actors) Actor placement Props, costume, and make-up

6 Lighting Illuminates set /actors; used to create mood and effects
Three attributes of light: Quality (soft/hard) Placement (direction the light hits subject) Contrast (high/low) Looking at Movies (ch 6, 10min)

7 Lighting: Quality Hard: small light source positioned close to the subject Unflattering (deep shadows, shows imperfections) Soft: large light source that is diffused/scattered over a bigger area or reflected off a surface before it gets to the subject Minimizes details, actors look more attractive

8 … Lighting: Quality Available light (natural)
Can be hard or soft, depending on time of day/season/location “golden hour”

9 Lighting: Placement (direction of light)
Lighting in front of subject creates flat effect washes out details, shadows only behind Lighting from either side of subject creates a sculpted effect 3-dimentional with volume/texture Lighting from behind separates subject from background

10 …Lighting: Placement Three-Point Lighting Diagram:

11 Lighting: Contrast one of most important factors in estb. mood
Depends on the relative intensity of key light to fill light (lighting ratio) High-key lighting (2:1 or lower) Illuminates most shadows, most details washed out Creates hopeful mood (comedies, musicals)

12 …Lighting: Contrast Natural-key lighting (‘normal’ light; 4:1 to 8:1)
Key-light is more intense than the fill (cannot eliminate every shadow)

13 …Lighting: Contrast Low-key lighting (16:1 to 32:1)
Fill light cannot eliminate shadows – lots of shadows and high contrast Somber and forbidding mood (crime drama, film noir, gothic horror) Counter –intuitive: higher ratio of key to fill is a low-key light set up

14 Composition visual arrangement of objects, actors, and space in the frame Balance and symmetry: Essentially a two-dimensional space Horizontal (left to right) and vertical (top to bottom) Rule of Thirds (video) Balanced composition: equal dist. of bright/dark areas, colors, objects, figures (classical Hollywood) Unbalanced – leads viewers to a particular direction Lack of equilibrium

15 …Composition Lines : diagonal lines carry most visual weight (v. vertical and horizontal)

16 … Composition Framing:
Loose framing great deal of open space around subject freedom or isolation Tight framing - lack of space around subject Sense of constriction or intimacy

17 … Composition Foreground/background focus Use of light and dark Color
Can highlight significance of object/subject Use of light and dark Chiaroscuro Color Color palette to go with movie – appropriate to mood Cool, warm Colors in sets, props, costumes May function as motif

18 … Composition … Color Highly Saturated:
Saturation (strength of hue) and desaturation (colors are less pure, contain more white than saturated colors) Highly Saturated:

19 Desaturated:

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