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E-marketing/E- commerce Case Study: Travel Agency Naegele Frank.

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1 E-marketing/E- commerce Case Study: Travel Agency Naegele Frank

2 Our Company Type of activity: Tour Operator Name of company: Skema Voyages Type of company: Pure Player (online only) Type of services: Low-cost trips Operational area: Europe and North Africa Website: Our targets: Young people Middle age adults Seniors

3 Situation analysis New company: Just opened firm Few customers (not enough) Bad position in search engines Demand analysis Big market segment Huge number of potential customers Competition analysis Big number of competitors on the market No studies done on customer insight No enough adaptation done on customers` behavior Bad customers` brand perception/recognition Customers feel unsecure on our website No clear online value proposition

4 SWOT analysis StrengthWeaknesses Intelligent team members Good design website Easy to use website Regularly updated website Good price positioning :Low cost travels Big number of potential customers Huge market Big competition Low number of current customers No customer analysis Low use of advertising Acting for French customers only Small database of potential customers OpportunitiesThreats Huge market: To gain market share threw marketing approach Expand the activity worldwide Launch new services (for a bigger range) To loose money in Marketing without having return on investment To have more costs than profits

5 Market analysis European Online travel market is growing each year In 2009 customers purchased for 65,2 billion Euros for Travels

6 Market Analysis UK is the biggest online travel purchaser France is the third country in Online travel purchasing For this reason we want to expand our company worldwide

7 Market analysis The package is the third biggest Travel service bought online Travel packages counts 14,6% of Travel services bought online

8 Tour Operator objectives Only online Tour Operator. Our objectives is to become the first low cost TO in Europe. Best market price on intercontinental flights. Best market price on the package flight + Hotels+activities.

9 Acquisition objective Customer acquisition: 2012: our acquisition strategy is just french customers. 2013: new target acquistion (Italy, Spain). 2014: new target (UK, Germany). 2015: new target (Eastern European countries).

10 Conversion Objectives Real customer: Approximately 30% online customer purchase travel in your website.

11 Retention objectives Customer retention: Acquire the best online offer in comparison with competitors. Provide a high quality CRM. Provide a security charter to customers Expand the proposed service range (new packages) Produce a newsletter to retain our existing customers Provide a loyalty program to existing customers

12 Growth objectives By using free marketing ( SEO, Emailing, google adwords…) Acquire Partnership and affiliate with principal website of travel market. Increase 10% of our Email marketing commercial and promotion. Increase 10% of our Email marketing information and Newsletter. Viral marketing throught social network

13 Strategy Segmentation -Online Travel Agency -Low cost price Targeting -Curent categories : Youth, Families, Couples -Current country: France, -Future markets: Germany, Uk, Italy, Spain, Eastern countries Positioning - Existing markets / Existing products  Market Penetration Strategies

14 Strategy Online Value Proposition (OVP) -Give a good image threw web design -Offer the same package of our competitors at lower price -Customer services Our Values -An image synonymous of quality -Transfer our values threw the website (quality, easy use, customization) -Security payments

15 Strategy Integration -Different channels (E-Mail, Phone, call back button, Person) -Customer services  Check FAQs before calling -Use an offline communication to attract customer Database -Partnership with other website ( -Register in our webiste (ceration of our own database) -The BBD unique customer

16 Strategy Tools : -Emailing -Social networks -Google Adwords -Google Analytics -Blogging

17 Tactics: E-Marketing mix: Product: Low Cost trips in Europe and also in the North of Africa Package: Flight return/hotel/activities Additional services: Bus/driver at the airport Extra activities: Cooking courses, hamam&sauna…

18 Promotion: Website: Trade show SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Google Adwords PR by social networks: facebook Media: radio/TV Direct marketing: emailing, newsletter Word of mouth: viral marketing Tactics: E-Marketing mix:

19 Price: Our strategy is to be cost leader Example of package: Morocco (7 days): o Flight return: 500 euro o Hotel: 35 euro*6 nights o Activities: Cultural tour 50 euro Total: 760 euro Reduce online prices due competition Payment method: X3 or X5 with a bank, paypal Extra activities: cooking courses: 150 euro, hamm&sauna: 130 euro. Tactics: E-Marketing mix:

20 Place: Online (threw our website) Trade channels: We want to avoid intermediaries by selling directly to the customer Disintermediation Place = website Tactics: E-Marketing mix:

21 Actions Who does what and when? o Who: Internal resources: Employees o What: - Creation of the website o Feasibility analysis: competitors and market analysis o Products and services conception o Promotion o When: planning

22 Actions: Planning CalendarTasks Website development + market analysis Oct-Nov Register domain + Situation analysis Content development + target/package conception Nov-Dec Design Facilities of use Database + Target and package Partners extention Dec-Jan Airline company – Hotel – Local activities Product conception Jan-Feb Package Services Publish site after testing Feb-Mar Opening of the website Google positioning Promotion Mar-apr All the tools

23 SEO: Google AdWords



26 Risk Management Principal risk: Wrong target – wrong positioning on the market – wrong prices Secondary risk Too much competitors Wrong strategy Impact: Lost money Bankrupt Customers dissatisfaction Monitoring the risks to learn for future risk assessment

27 T ERMS AND CONDITIONS Included in your stay : All taxes except the local tourist tax. Flight return + hotel + activities chosen Not included : Local Taxes: example: 1 Euro per person/day Tips Not mentioned extras Payment procedure : 3X or 5X according to the bank conditions Credit Card, Bank Transfers, PayPal threw our website : Policy: VAT Included Cancelation: refund of 80% of the price if requested at least 2 months before departure

28 Control Buyer satisfaction Online satisfaction survey after purchase and travel Using Google Analytics we will be able to measure: Channel profitability Channel outcomes Channel satisfaction Channel promotion Price of advertising per purchase Channel buyer behavior

29 Thank you for your attention Do you have some questions?

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