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Managing your health and Maintaining mental wellbeing Kate Thomas (GP) and Joanna Blakely (wellbeing consultant)

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1 Managing your health and Maintaining mental wellbeing Kate Thomas (GP) and Joanna Blakely (wellbeing consultant)

2 Student Health Centre Reed Mews, opposite Wellbeing Centre Branch surgery of a large General Practice GPs, Nurses, Physio, DAS 14,000 Students – staff not seen Dedicated to the care of students Website


4 Get prepared Let us know before you arrive Think what you may need to do for yourself /practice over the summer Bring what you need – get supply of meds etc before coming Bring a first aid kit Vaccinations – including Meningitis C and MMR

5 Let us know Depending on what would help Contact us yourself or ask your GP to write Come and see us soon after you arrive Prescriptions can be set up on repeat If Hospital attendances are needed it takes time to arrange ALL CONFIDENTIAL

6 First aid kit some suggestions Paracetamol / Ibuprofen Thermometer Plasters / antiseptic cream Indigestion remedy Antihistamine Anti sickness / anti diarrhoea tablets

7 Look after your health Eat and drink sensibly Take care to include exercise, sleep, social life, study, relaxation into your time If you have sex be careful and ask us for advice on contraception etc. Avoid excess alcohol and drugs

8 If you are unwell Tell friends / people in Hall Common sense, use first aid kit Seek advice – internet, phone111, medical HC/OOH Go and see – GP/nurse, WIC, pharmacist, A+E for emergencies only

9 Maintaining mental wellbeing Joanna Blakely Wellbeing consultant Reed Mews Wellbeing Centre

10 Starting at university: Student survival kit Saying goodbye to family and friends can be tough. Stay in touch but don’t over do it. Be open to new friendships whilst keeping in touch with old friends. Use communal areas to meet people and keep tea and biscuits handy for visitors. Survive freshers week, try not to sign up or attend everything, you have 3 more years ahead of you. Make your room cosy and homely, add personal touches as well as essentials. Set a budget and stick to it to stay on top of your finances

11 Students survival kit continued Set aside time to study, sort your timetable, find the library, get organised. Stay healthy, don’t overdo the alcohol, eat well, allow yourself time to relax and party, exercise. Get out and about, explore the campus, the city, quay, local area. Anyone can feel homesick and overwhelmed, talk to someone, friends, wellbeing services, GP.

12 Even with these tips in place you may find that things just aren’t going so well. You may feel homesick, overwhelmed, sad, stressed, worried What then??????????? Remember. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!


14 Talk about how you are feeling Friends, family (you wont be the only one to be feeling like this) Wellbeing services- counsellors, CBT therapists, mental health staff GP Chaplains Voice- listening and information service for students Personal tutor Support staff within your college Student Guild Accessability International student support Residence life team

15 Wellbeing Services Wellbeing services offer advice, therapeutic and practical support to help students cope personally and to manage studies. The University of Exeter Wellbeing Services team are made up of counsellors, CBT therapists and mental health practitioners, who are skilled and experienced in recognising how psychological and mental health difficulties can affect studies and time at University. Wellbeing services offer a confidential service, and with students agreement can liaise and work closely with GPs, CMHTs, and university support services to provide a joined up support package.

16 Examples of why students access Wellbeing Services - homesickness - relationship difficulties - family issues - bereavement - sexuality issues - stress - sleep difficulties - trauma - feeling overwhelmed and not coping - eating issues - anxiety and panic attacks - low mood and depression - alcohol and drug use - to access support as a result of previous mental health difficulties - emerging mental health difficulties eg psychosis

17 Wellbeing Services Psychological interventions : (counselling and Cognitive behaviour therapy) Group work and individual sessions. Mental health support Mental health staff at wellbeing services will discuss how your health may impact on your studies and what support may be available. This may include the DSA and mental health specialist mentor support and reasonable adjustments within the University. If you'd like to contact Wellbeing Services to discuss any concerns and consider what support might be helpful, please email

18 How do students access the service By completing the Wellbeing Service appointment request form either by: Login to SID online - click on the Help and Support tab and select the link to 'log a new enquiry’ under the category disability, health, and wellbeing, or E mail (Please note that from this point onwards your enquiry remains confidential to the Wellbeing Services team). Once we receive the enquiry we will be pleased to book an appointment for Drop into the Wellbeing Centre where our receptionist will book you in for an appointment at our Reception Desk. Phone wellbeing services at 01392 724381, where our receptionists will book you an appointment Go to the Student Information Desk (SID) in the Forum where a member of staff will direct you to a computer so you can complete an online appointment form from there - the SID team will be happy to help you if you wish. In the future we will be offer short telephone appointment to identify the most appropriate initial support option

19 Connect with the people around you Do something active Take notice of the world Learn something new Give to others 1) 5 A Day for Mental Wellbeing

20 3 Top tips for starting University 1.Don't be afraid to ask for help 2. Access Support 3. Don't let your health/disability stop you doing things

21 Wellbeing Services Reed Mews Wellbeing Centre Reed Mews Streatham Campus Tel: 01392 724381 Email:

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