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A Raiders of the Lost Ark Power Point By: Morgan Stengl.

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1 A Raiders of the Lost Ark Power Point By: Morgan Stengl

2 Slide 1: Main Title Slide 2: Table of Contents Slide 3: Plot Development- 4 stages Slides 4-6: Transitions in Plot Development Slide 7: Dangling Causes-What They Are Slides 8-10: Dangling Cause Examples Slide 11: What is a Motif? Slides 12-15: Three Motif Examples w/ Clips from Raiders Slide 16: Conclusion Slide 17: Works Cited

3 4 stages Set up-meet characters/figure out personality/ figure out goals Complicating Action-a problem is posed on character- usually makes us question-will they achieve their goal? Climax-turning point Resolution-how everything plays out Usually plays out as: Set-up  Complicating Action Complicating Action  Climax Climax  Resolution

4 Raiders of the Lost Ark Example: The transition happens when Indy is going in the vault, but then the Nazi soldiers show up and try to stop him- they don’t notice Indy-they arrested the guy he’s with This is the transition point- moving from meeting the characters/figuring out their goal(s)(Set Up)  now wondering if they’re going to achieve their goal(s)(because of complicating action)

5 Raiders of The Lost Ark Example: Transition from Complicating Action to Climax-When Marion and Indy get trapped in the vault Transition because- Now They’re closer to accomplishing their goal since they’re trapped in the Ark(Which moves us into the turning point or climax from complicating action)

6 Transition- They go to the Ark with the Nazi soldiers Transition Because- Now we know that they could accomplish they’re goal(climax), but we just have to wait and see how it plays out(Resolution)

7 Dangling Cause-lines, images or actions that are planted early in the film and are important later in the film.

8 Indy says hates snakes in the beginning of the movie, but in the vault there’s snakes everywhere.

9 Marion does shots with the guy at her bar then she does shots with Belloq to get him drunk so she can escape

10 Belloq keeps saying, “What once was yours is always mine.” throughout the whole movie.

11 Motif: lines, images, actions, colors or musical themes that woven throughout the film in order to let the audience in on certain things.

12 The color red is an example of a motif…

13 A musical motif of Indy’s theme is also an example… Indy’s theme plays as he swings through the vines in the jungle.

14 Another motif is Marion’s musical theme… Her theme plays when Indy saves her from being held captive.

15 Did you know…Indy's line to Marion when they are on the ship - "It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage" - was ad-libbed by Harrison Ford.

16 "Did You Know?" IMDb., 1990. Web. 21 Sept. 2012..

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