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Before and During!. You cant just show up at a conference! There are things we need to do to get ready. BEFORE.

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1 Before and During!

2 You cant just show up at a conference! There are things we need to do to get ready. BEFORE

3 You must find out which country you will be representing at the conference Ex- China, Ecuador, England, France 1. Get your country assignment!

4 Before the conference you need to make sure you understand your country and where it stands on the issue that will be discussed at the conference. Example: If you are china and you are attending a conference about the refugee situation in Lebanon, you need to figure out chinas position on this topic. There are many questions your should research…we will talk to you more about this later Research!!

5 This is a summary of a country's position on a topic, written by a delegate before a Model UN conference. Write a position paper!

6 Heres what to expect! DURING THE CONFERENCE

7 Chair (moderates debate, keeps time, rules on points and motions, and enforces the rules) Rapporteur: Takes notes Director: Expert on topic. Delegates: you guys! Who Will Be There?

8 Dias Members- they run the conference! Delegates- They represent the various countries of the world!

9 You will be greeted by the rapporteur ( the person who records everything that happens in the conference) He she/ will then call your countrys name. When your country is called, you must raise your placard and say present The rapporteur will confirm your presence has been recorded #1 – Roll call LETS TRY IT!!

10 For your purposes, we will usually already know what we are talking about, so then it is time to get started! To start, either a point motion will be made or the speakers list will be opened. This is a list of the order in which the country delegates will be allowed too speak. If you want a turn to speak : Wait until the chair person says : all delegates who want to speak, raise you placard Then, raise your card and wait until your country is acknowledged. Formal Debate

11 You will have a limited time to say what you want to say, often a minute or 2. If you have leftover time, you can give it away to another country or let the other countries ask you questions! When its time for your country to speak..

12 Once time is up, the chair will ask if there are any motions This means that any of the countries can make a suggestion about what is done next Example: -take a break! -change a topic! -go back to the speakers list!.etc …. Any suggestions must be voted upon by all countries. After your done…

13 In model UN there can be formal or informal debates Formal: what we just discussed. Everyone sits around the table and speaks in turn Informal: All the countries have time to go talk with one another freely as they please for a certain amount of time. Ways of talking

14 We keep doing these things, talking about all of our issues and concerns about the topic we are given! (dont worry we will talk about this more in detail later) REPEAT!!

15 Draft resolutions will be put forward by you guys (the delegates). These are potential solutions to the problems we are discussing. These potential solutions will be voted on. Your country can agree, disagree, or not vote. Eventually

16 We either : Find a soloution Run out of time OR Exhaust the speakers list In the end…

17 Lets see a video clip of model UN in action! Dont mind the notes flashing across the screen. They discuss details that we will learn later.

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