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CALIFORNIA FOOD TRANSPORTATION. CA grows over 400 different crops!

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2 CA grows over 400 different crops!

3 California’s Top 10 Ag Products: CDFA 2012 1. Milk 2. Grapes 3. Almonds 4. Nursery Plants 5. Cattle, Calves 6. Strawberries 7. Lettuce 8. Walnuts 9. Hay 10. Tomatoes California Almonds: Photo courtesy of USDA NRCS

4 How do farm products get to consumers?  Agricultural products are the largest user of freight transportation services in the country.  In California, they are shipped by truck, railroad, airplane, or barge.

5 Trucks Most common mode of shipping Ag Products in CA  Used to deliver raw products from field to first processing stop – such as a creamery or sawmill.  Provide fast delivery and controlled temperatures for perishable food like milk, eggs, and lettuce.

6  Total maximum weight for truck and load may not exceed 80,000 pounds. How many tons is this?  Weigh stations are monitored by highway patrol officers who may check weight of truck, driver logbooks with hours, mileage, routes and load contents.

7 Railroads  Used to transport agricultural products such as lumber, canned fruits, and vegetables that are not as perishable as some products that need to reach their destination quickly.

8 Airplane  High value items that need to travel long distances and have short shelf lives may be shipped by airplane.  Examples are berries, cut flowers, and specialty fruits.

9 Barge  Used to ship large quantities of items that have longer shelf lives.  Bulk dried beans, rice, wheat, and corn or tree nuts such as almonds and pistachios may be shipped by barge.

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