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April 9, 2015. Goal of the Exchange Process 1. Help each Member professional to expand their business networks in order for you to improve the efficiency.

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1 April 9, 2015

2 Goal of the Exchange Process 1. Help each Member professional to expand their business networks in order for you to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of how you tackle your job functions. 2. Provide Members with a dynamic and reliable resource to help you solve problems and find new implementable ideas

3 Rules of Engagement 1. Do not use your HOLD button on your telephone – hearing elevator music in the next 60 minutes is not good! 2. No body language signs – please be aggressive and speak your mind and thoughts. 3. Please identify yourself with name and company before speaking. 4. Take Notes about who is saying what… 5. Warning: My goal is to facilitate aggressively so we can cover as many topics as possible. 6. Last but not least, I need your feedback on how to make this process better for you and the participants. 7. Anti-trust overview -

4  Adam: Come back in building products.  Daryl: Business is strong and up 10%  Kelly: Down slightly to last year. China up and so is Brazil  Mike: Up 10-15%: bidding on reshoring  Vern:Up slightly: Bidding on smaller applications. Internal parts of commercial aircraft.

5 Question: Are you seeing customers trying to stretch out payment? (John Passanisi)  Adam: Nothing major…those that are delaying are not in any financial difficulty. 10-15 days for larger customers.  Daryl: Some stretched us over the holidays. Customers are taking advantage of the discounts.  Kelly: No major issues 50-55 Days (MNS 2-3) Pay second day of the 1 st  Vern:No major issues  Mike:Largest customer stretching us toward 60 days

6 Question: To what degree have the members been seeing a demand for vertical integration of value added processes beyond plastics processing? (Mike Prins)  Adam: We have a decent size area where we do some end fabrication on the parts extruded. We will hold inventory for customers which lets us into their backend to better understand their demand.  Daryl: Doing some automation and packaging / assembly work.  Kelly: Value add being pulled and pushed. Now at 65% range for value add. Multi-component molding and full supply chain.  Vern: Being pushed somewhat with many secondary operations. Currently backlogged in secondary 3-4 weeks with more people in this are than molding.

7 Question: 1. Has re-shoring, that is customers bringing production lines from Asia, impacted your business? If so, how? (Charles Scholtis)  Kelly: We see more of it, but it’s a data point here and there.  Adam: Didn’t real lose much; we did pick up a European job  Daryl: Not seeing much of it going on. The larger multi-nationals have a continual balancing.  Mike: see some pretty big areas where this is occurring.  Tom: We are seeing things coming in from overseas. We are doing a value stream mapping.  Vern: Not seeing much reshoring

8 Question: Does anyone have wage/compensation comparison information for Sr. Executives/Owners? (Charles Braun)

9 Question: How or where do Presidents/CEO's get started with succession planning? (Daryl Lindermann)  Vern:  Chuck: Just gone through a succession plan. Two years ago, bought out partners. Seek outside advisors to put your plan in place. Management team is an important part of the process. 915-593-6922 X -13  Adam: Came to the company as part of the succession plan. First step was to use as a recruiting tool, the succession plan. Life policies in place. Dealt with advisors and bankers.  Alan: Phone:  Kelly: I want to be the succession plan of those who are exiting. Removed myself from the actual operating facility. I go to an office building and not the plant. At some level, the company is running with out me being involved.

10 Question: How are various companies dealing with continuous requests for extended terms? (George Hauser )

11 Question: What methods to Company's use to determine and plan their capacity to tool and process develop new business? (Adam Wachter)  Daryl: Use IQMS for operating software that provides some visibility to capacity requirements. When quoting, we are putting in machine hours and press tonnage so we know what assets are being utilized.  Chuck: Use the IQMS forecasting module for existing business and overlay with seasonal adjustments on a 12-month rolling basis. We leave this as a collateral duty.  Kelly:  Mike: We do this outside of IQMS. We have consistent orders which is helpful.  Tom: Using IQMS. We are getting more selective about what is quoted. We have a couple of dedicated resources, but are working to get better.

12 Issue: Resin Cost Movement and Supplier Responses? (Kelly Goodsel)  Chuck:

13 Question: What is the most effective way to implement bonus program(s)? Salary employees only, All employees? Best Distribution Timing? (Jamie Messer)

14 Question: What steps are others taking to eliminate additional labor hires from their companies? (Scott Titzer) 

15 Additional Questions?

16 Save the Date for The Benchmarking Conference Oct. 22-23, 2015 THANK YOU!

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