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Goal of the Exchange Process 1. Help each Member professional to expand their business networks in order for you to improve the efficiency and effectiveness.

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2 Goal of the Exchange Process 1. Help each Member professional to expand their business networks in order for you to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of how you tackle you job functions. 2. Provide Members with a dynamic and reliable resource to help you solve problems and find new implementable ideas

3 Rules of Engagement 1. Do not use your HOLD button on your telephone – hearing elevator music in the next 60 minutes is not good! 2. No body language signs – please be aggressive and speak your mind and thoughts. 3. Please identify yourself with name and company before speaking. 4. Take Notes about who is saying what… 5. Warning: My goal is to facilitate aggressively so we can cover as many topics as possible. 6. Last but not least, I need your feedback on how to make this process better for you and the participants. 7. Keep in mind of Anti-trust laws.

4 Question : Are Facebook and Twitter good professional resources or should these sources stay personal? (Vallencia Stark)  Name / Company:  Jack; Jackson Manufacturing: Not a FB or twitter user but have been on LI for about 5 years. It’s strictly business on LinkedIn for me.  Marcella: what is meant by professional resources?  VS: look for employees for sales departments to bring onto my team. Use for investigating those of potential hire.  Glenn: Using LinkedIn more from a marketing / development / recruiting. (It’s been a good tool, but it does take time!) FB…not really using it, but might be good for a company blog source. Twitter…still can’t find a use.  Meredith: Don’t have a FB or twitter.  Mark: Arrowhead Plastics: If you say you work for a company, FB will create one for you.  Spencer: Woodland: Google Plus, LinkedIN, (Use FB to post industry information to the site. Don’t see any customers following Twitter and FB. It brings relevance to what we do.)  Teresa: Vive: Looking at the future to how to develop additional conversations. ID 2 channels to be successful in and use that as your platform. 

5 Question : Using LinkedIn…(Spencer)  Jack: Acts as a very good ice breaker when meeting people. Very good bank or network of people.  Glenn: Allows me to follow people in their careers. Different resources for all areas of business.  Troy: 

6 Question : Is anyone effectively using SIC codes as a lead generator? Social media? What capacity if so? (Ryan Gensler)  Ryan: best method of meeting prospects was to use current customer SIC code to find other similar businesses. How do you use SIC codes? What do you do once you ID a customer in a specific SIC?  Jack:  Meredith: Very generic…  

7 Question : Do you have a CRM? How do you use it? DO you have a dedicated marketing person? (Glenn Anderson) Use ACT  Vallencia: Use to use ACT, but not any more. What you put in is what you get out. You must maintain your system. Don’t currently have a marketing person.  Spencer: Use IQMS and times in with ERP and CRM. I have used Salesforce and it is very User friendly and not as time consuming.  Ryan: Use IQ: Very cumbersome to use compared to Salesforce. However, you have to get by that issue in order for sales to work with marketing.  Pat Bloom: We have contact information that we do update as we move forward.  Teresa: Marketing to join sales on a sales call  Jack: ACT---

8 Question : What percent of sales is typical for a marketing budget for a contract manufacturer? (John Rickfelder)

9 Question: What are some best practices for getting new molding work or new opportunities? Are shows worth the expense? (Jack Hasken)  Spencer: Not doing trade shows. Was not seeing an ROI  Ryan: We are in the process of phasing trade shows out. From a marketing standpoint, I like to be present; however, the sales force may not 100% agree.  Ryan Clem: We have not traditionally done shows, but what are ideas of attending shows: Walmart US Manufacturing Summit Houseware Show Dog Toy Show  Meredith: No shows at this time.  Teresa: Trend is split: Some very dedicated to MDM and Pac Expo. Others that just attend and host a networking / social hour. Many times ROI of tradeshow attendance is measured in a new sale, but growing brand awareness.  How do you truly measure brand awareness? How many people attended a trade show? What is the circulation of a publication…All measured in touches and touch points.

10 Question: What marketing initiative is scheduled for your org. this year that is completely different from last year’s strategy? (Theresa Schell)

11 Question: What are some best practices to engage and develop new sales opportunities with a tenured team of sales/engineering experience? (Ryan Clem)

12 Question: What is the most cost effective way to gain new customers? What is the top 3 criteria you give to a lead generation company? (Bart Stuchell)

13 Question : How do you find your leads? How do you calculate your SG&A when quoting? (John Bellett)

14 Question: How are you going to prepare to certification to ISO: 9001:2015? (Vern Meurer)

15 Additional Questions?

16 What TOPIC would you like to focus on for the next session? Save the Date for the Benchmarking Conference – Oct. 22-23, 2015 THANK YOU!

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