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Getting to Good Schools NAACPs Education Agenda. 2 Our Goals Attack institutional racism in education with a national campaign for Excellence & Equity.

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1 Getting to Good Schools NAACPs Education Agenda

2 2 Our Goals Attack institutional racism in education with a national campaign for Excellence & Equity A campaign is a sustained plan for change using strategies that impact our issues. Identify issues in agenda Identify promising strategies Apply known tactics to each strategy Target our campaign to turnaround schools

3 3 Turnaround Schools Bottom 5% of a states schools, ranked by test scores Includes dropout factory high schools Annual federal School Improvement Grants given to reform States choose which districts get funds to help low performing schools

4 4 Turnaround Models Schools must either: Fire and rehire staff, change instructional program, Be turned over to a charter management organization Be closed and students are dispersed elsewhere Fire principal, change instructional program in specific ways ( extended learning time, community services); only ½ schools eligible Potential Implications: Staff shortages worsen; shuffle among low performing schools Growth in number of charters outpaces capacity Overcrowding at recipient schools, achievement suffers

5 5 Our request – Each unit/branch picks one Participate in the Campaign for Equity & Excellence by: Adopting (at least) one issue area in education Committing to (at least) one strategy Targeting turnaround schools Applying tactics that fit your community Working to perfect our education organizing capacity

6 6 Our Issue Agenda Increasing Resource Equity Target funds to neediest kids Ensuring College & Career Readiness Path to success after graduation

7 7 Our Issue Agenda Improving Teaching Grow our own great teachers now Improving Discipline Eliminate zero tolerance; keep kids in school * All applied to turnaround schools


9 9 Teachers who close the achievement gap 1. fully prepared when they entered teaching, 2. had taught for more than two years, 3. certified in field &/or by National Board

10 10 Strategies to improve teaching Strategies: Stronger, More Diverse Pipeline (preparation) Tactics: ID future teachers, TEACH grants, residencies More Mentoring & Coaching (slows turnover) Tactics: Lead Teacher, mentoring, new teacher supports More teachers with Advanced Certification (certification) Tactics: Support for National certification, changes to state licensing

11 11 Local tactics by function & engagement Communications (Promote) Education (Sensitize, inform) Advocacy (Influence decision- makers/policy) Direct Action (Grassroots Mobilization) Medium Engagement 1:1 meetings with journalists, newsletter articles, feature issue in a blog post Workshops, town halls, testing, monitoring data, conducting internal research and surveys Group calls and meetings with individuals, school and board of education meetings; advisory boards Hearings, panels, candidate surveys & scorecards

12 12 Putting it all together – medium engagement Branches with a medium interest in advanced certification Arrange a local media profile (communications) Conduct & share a survey of teachers (education) Form an advisory board (advocacy) Hold a scorecard rally (grassroots)

13 13 Putting it all together – escalating tactics Branches interested in strengthening & diversifying the teacher pipeline could: Distribute information about TEACH grants ( low, education) Appeal to the school board for incentives (med, advocacy) Raise funds & challenge board to supplement TEACH grants (high, direct action)

14 14 Strategies to improve discipline School Leader Intervention – make aware of impacts Education Tactics? Racial Disparities Report – highlights disparate impact in school/district Advocacy Tactic? Cross School Policies Review – review school/district policy & compare to more beneficial models Direct Action Tactic?

15 15 Putting it all together: discipline policy review With a medium level of member interest, a branch might choose: A tale of two students (communication) Town hall for parents (education) Group meets with district administrator (advocacy) Petition the school board for policy change (direct action)

16 16 It takes a whole village (branch or unit)… The Political Action Committee can attend school board meetings in support of education committee members help keep units informed of laws, rules and budget decisions impacting schools advocate for more favorable laws, rules and budget decisions impacting schools Legal Redress can: help evaluate and prepare legal claims, Title VI complaints, requests to join lawsuits or file friend of the court briefs. help interpret and describe constitutional and civil rights dimensions of education issues Membership? Young Adult?

17 17 Q & A Whole Group: Name, from, query Table specific: What are the most pressing issues in your community? What do you consider your greatest success? What do you consider your greatest challenge? Sharing whats in common

18 Thanks for participating! (direct) (fax)

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