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1 Literacy / Technology Unit By Megan Starzl. 2 With Love, Little Red Hen By Alma Flor Ada Created by Miss Megan Starzl.

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1 1 Literacy / Technology Unit By Megan Starzl

2 2 With Love, Little Red Hen By Alma Flor Ada Created by Miss Megan Starzl

3 3 Standards National English/Language Arts 3 4 5 6 7 8 1111 1212 South Dakota Reading Content 3.R.1.2 3.R.2.1 3.R.2.2 3.R.2.3 3.R.4.1 3.R.1.1 South Dakota Communications Content 3.W.1.1 3.W.3.1 3.W.4.1 3.L.2.1 3.L.2.2 3.S.1.1 3.S.2.2

4 4 Goals for the Unit: To have students view fairy tale characters in different ways. Objectives: Upon completion of the unit, the students have completed at least one activity in each subject area and earn at least a 70% or above in all of the activities. Goals & Objectives

5 5 Directions  Students must read With Love, Little Red Hen  Individually, students will then complete one activity from different subject areas.  One activity should be completed every week, and turned into the teacher.  When the unit is completed, The class will have a day to share what you have done. So make sure you do your best, and proofread and edit your work.

6 6 Alma Flor Ada Alma Ada Flor is a professor at University of San Francisco. She has written many children's book in both English and Spanish, and some in both languages. She has designed several reading programs some that are even in Spanish. To learn more about Alma Flor Ada do the web quest web questweb quest Find more about her at her website:

7 7 Pre Assessment  Quickwrite: Write for 15 minutes about what you think of when you think of Little Red Hen and the Big Bad Wolf? How do you think they are like, and how would they act in a different situation?

8 8 With Love, Little Red Hen In this book, Little Red Hen moves to a new forest. She writes about her new experiences to her friend. The fairy tale characters come together in this book to have wonderful adventures. The character have to act in a different way because they are in a new situation. How do you act in different situations? What would you do if you were in this situation?

9 9 Strategies  Students will work on the activities independently using technology.  When the students have completed the Unit there will be a day of sharing at the Hidden Valley Picnic

10 10 Culminating Activity  When the unit is complete we will get together for a day of sharing at the Hidden Valley Picnic. Each student will be invited to bring guests. We will have a picnic in the classroom. Each students is bring one item for the picnic to share for everyone. We will share with our guest all the hard work that we did through this unit.

11 11 Language Arts  (*) Write your own story using characters from fairy tales. Your story should be at least one page in length and typed in Microsoft Word. It should have a problem and a solution. It should have a least three characters from fairy tales. We will share the stories in a class book.  (!) Using Excel, make graph comparing at least three characters out of the book. Explain what each character is like, how they are different, and why they are they way they are. We will post the charts on the wall when they are completed  (#) Write an email to Little Red Hen telling her what new situations you have been in lately. It can be as simple as learning to ride your bike, or coming to a new school. Send the email to your teacher. When they are completed they will be put in a book to share at the picnic.

12 12 Social Studies  (#) Pick a place where you would like to move to if you could. Research the place by using the Internet. Then make a poster drawing at least five things that you learned about the place. The poster will be shared at the picnic.  (*) Take on one of the characters in the book, and in a group have the character be a member of the community doing a service job, for example, a police officer, or a nurse. Then do a reader’s theatre. You will video tape it, and it will be shown at the picnic.  (!) Draw a map of what you think Hidden Valley looks like. Make sure that you have all the characters that live in Hidden Valley and their houses. After your map is completed, record your voice telling directions from one of the characters houses to another. At the picnic, students will listen to your directions and see if they can get to the characters house that they need to get to.

13 13 Science  (*) Plant some corn, and watch it grow. Chart the growth of the corn in Excel. We will put the charts together in a book, and it will be available at the Hidden Valley Picnic.  (#) Research Wolves using the Internet. Find out what they like to eat, where they live, and other interesting facts about them. Then create a poster to help saves wolves. We will hang this up at the picnic.  (!) Go to and play a fun game on life on the farm. Then make a poster telling some fun facts that you learn about life on the farm. We will post this posters at the Hidden Valley Picnic

14 14 Mathematics  (#) Using double the recipe for chicken noodle soup. Type it up using Microsoft word. Then we will make the soup for our Hidden Valley Picnic.  (!) Design a garden, make sure that you plant at least 5 different vegetables when you are completed make a chart using Excel to show what fraction of the garden is each vegetable. We will hang these charts at the picnic.  (*) Write a letter using Microsoft works. When you send the letter decided how much distance the letter has to travel. Use the internet to search to see how many miles the letter must go. Remember that the letter usually has to go to a central post office first. We will present how far the letter traveled at the picnic.

15 15 Art  (#) Make a collage using the digital camera. Take pictures of things that you would want to have if you moved to a new place. We will hang these at the picnic.  (*) Design a scene that was left out of the book. Using the camcorder, record the scene. We will watch it at the picnic.  (!) Using a paint program on the computer make a drawing of one of the character in a different situation. We will hang these pictures at the Hidden Valley Picnic.

16 16 Music  (*) Create a theme song for the book. Write the words to the song on Microsoft Word, and record the song on a tape player. We will listen to the song at the Hidden Valley Picnic.  (#) Design a sound for each character using items around the room. For example the Wolf might be a book dropping on the ground. While video taping, read the book and use the sounds of each character. We will watch the tape at the Hidden Valley Picnic.  (!) Research the Internet and find at least 7 different songs that have to deal with the characters in the book. When you have found them, list the song titles on a poster and we will hang the posters at the picnic.

17 17 Physical Activities  (#) Research the Internet the different ways to play duck duck goose, then play all the different ways. At the picnic you will be asked to teach and play your favorite version.  (!) Run back and forth 5 times in the gym. Use a stop watch to watch your times. Then make a list of your times using Excel. We will combine the times and put them in a book which will be available at the picnic to see.  (*) Using a pedometer, count how many steps you take for three days. Make a graph using Excel. We will post the graphs at the Hidden Valley Picnic.

18 18 Health  (*) Keep a journal of what you eat for a day. Then research the internet to find out if what you ate was healthy and what was not. Present your finding to the class at the picnic.  (#) Make a poster that promotes healthy eating. Make the poster using a program on the computer. Be sure to include clip art. The posters will be hung at the Hidden Valley Picnic.  (!) Write a letter to one of your friends using Microsoft Word. Tell your friend why it is important to your health to have friends. The letters will be put into a book that will be available to read at the picnic.

19 19 Post Assessment  Response Journal In your journal reflect on all the projects that you completed in this unit. Tell me what you liked, did not like, and what you learned. In the journal make sure that you answer the purpose question in the introduction. How differently do you act in different situations? What would you do if you were in this situation?

20 20 Bibliographic References  Ada, A. (2001) With love, little red hen. New York, NY: Aladdin Paperbacks.  htm (2007) About Inc. New York, NY: A New York Times Company htm htm

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