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Literacy In Kindergarten Maureen Rackal. Our Kindergarten Literacy Program includes: Reading Writing.

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1 Literacy In Kindergarten Maureen Rackal

2 Our Kindergarten Literacy Program includes: Reading Writing

3 Reading and Writing are learned and are practiced in three ways: 1)Shared 2)Guided 3)Independent

4 Shared The children gather on the carpet and the teacher specifically models the kind of reading or writing expected.

5 Shared Writing Example For example: The teacher models how to make a list of items needed for a picnic. In most cases the teacher would draw a picture next to each word. Our Picnic -picnic basket-drinks -blanket-plates -bread-forks -grapes-napkins -cheese-frisbee -cookies-bubbles

6 Shared Reading Example The teacher reads a book. The teacher models some reading strategies before and during the story. She talks out loud about what is going on in her head as she makes predictions, looks at the pictures for clues about what the words might say, sounds out words, reads from left to right, turns the pages and reads the words. At the end, she might ask the kids to help make a list of reading strategies.

7 Guided Reading This is usually done in small groups of 3 or 4 sitting at the table with the teacher. The children and teacher will all have a copy of the same book at their level of reading. The teacher will have the children read the story and review the reading strategies as they go along. Guided Writing Again, the children will sit at a table with the teacher. They will have a journal, lined or blank paper. The teacher will guide the children through writing the form of writing that was taught in the lesson.

8 Independent Reading During quiet time after lunch, or during free exploration, children will have the opportunity to choose books to read. The books are sorted either by reading level, a topic that is of high interest, or is placed at a learning centre.

9 Example of a levelled book: A to Z reader

10 Example of a high interest book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

11 Example of a centre book: DK A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants by Dr. H. Marc Cathey At the Science Centre where plants and seeds can be explored.

12 Independent Writing At each of the centres around the room – drama, science, water, sand, art, listening and building – are clip boards with blank paper, and pencils and markers. While the children are playing, they can use the paper to make plans, draw their creations, label them, or write what they did. Afterwards, they can share their learning with the class or post the page on the bulletin board.

13 When Does Literacy Happen? At circle time following morning announcements, or either recess time, the children may receive a shared or guided writing lesson. Following the lesson, the children are given time to choose a centre. At this time, the teacher would pull small groups together to complete guided reading or writing. During free exploration, the children are welcome to choose a book. They might also choose a book that has been placed at the centre where they are playing. After lunch, during quiet time, the kids are encouraged to choose a levelled book, high interest book or a centre book.

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