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Investigation 1 part 1 “Seed Search”

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1 Investigation 1 part 1 “Seed Search”
Origins of Seeds Investigation 1 part 1 “Seed Search”

2 Properties of a Fruit Describe the fruit.
We’ll record your observations on the board. You are describing the properties of the fruit. Properties can include: size, shape, color, texture, smell, and more.

3 Bean Pods I have something else for you to describe.
Look at the bean pods. Describe the properties of the bean pod.

4 Bean Pod is a Fruit Challenge:
Carefully open the pods with the knife and find out what is inside. Inside the bean pod, you will find something…

5 … seeds! You have just opened a fruit and found what is in all fruits – seeds. A plant part that contains seeds is called a fruit. The pod is the part of the plant that holds the seeds. In everyday language, we call beans, squash, cucumbers, and tomatoes as vegetables, but scientifically all of those foods are fruits.

6 Seed Properties Tell me the properties of the bean seeds.
Are they small or big, round or flat, rough or smooth, hard or soft? Remember, properties can include: size, shape, color, texture, smell, and other features. Use you 5 senses!

7 Count and Graph Seeds Count the seeds in your pod.
Let’s collect the data on the number of seeds in the pods, and then graph the results. 1 table at a time come up and draw a circle above the number you counted.

8 The Graph The graph can help us interpret information:
What was the most common number of seeds found in the pods? If you opened one more pod, how many seeds do you predict you would find insides? (Predict and try it!)

9 Student Sheet Record the following on your Comparing Seeds sheet:
Write the name of the fruit. Count and record the number of seeds inside one of the pods. Write down several properties of the seed. Draw a picture of the seed.

10 We will continue this investigation during our next session.
BREAKPOINT We will continue this investigation during our next session.

11 Explore Other Fruits Each group will get 2 plates and several fruits.
Open the fruits with a partner. Find the seeds and record your observations on the sheet. Put the seeds on the plates after removing them from the fruit. If a fruit contains too many seeds to count, estimate the number of seeds. Watch me demonstrate how to cut fruits.

12 Identify Fruits Edible Do NOT eat

13 Search for Seeds Locate the seeds. Record your observations
Estimate the number of seeds instead of counting them one by one.

14 Sort Seeds Pick 1 seed from each of your fruits.
Place those seeds together on the table. Take a turn sorting the seeds by one property. Explain to the group what property you chose to sort the seeds.

15 Save Seeds Bring the plates of seeds to the materials station.
1 volunteer pat dry the seeds with a paper towel. Once they dry, we can glue a seed onto your journal page next to the drawing of your seed.

16 Return Equipment Clean up all materials.
Check under the chairs and tables. Sit quietly so I know you are ready to move on.

17 Word Bank Entries estimate fruit property seed

18 estimate Decide how much or how many without counting each object in the group.

19 fruit The structure of a flowering plants where the seeds are.

20 property Something you can observe, like color, texture, or smell.

21 seed The part of the fruit that holds the young plant.

22 Content Chart Entries Where are seeds found?

23 What We Learned Seeds develop in the fruit of a plant.

24 Let’s Read! Open your book.
Find the science story called Seeds Are Everywhere? Follow along while the computer reads aloud the story.

25 Questions?

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