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iServ Technical Manual

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1 iServ Technical Manual
Handset: 8630 Base: 8660

2 Stand-Alone Setup The following setup will be demonstrated on a OS7070 with 1x base unit and 4x handsets. 4x Handsets 1x Base Station Samsung OS 7070 8x MGI Licence 4x 3rd Party Sip Licence 4x Sip Trunk Licence 1x Sip Phone Virtual Card PoE Switch / Injectors 36 – 60V IEEE802.3af (Class 2) DHCP (For initial setup) Static can be set after boot up. Time Server on the network or public NTP Server. Public:

3 Firmware Locations Samsung Dealer: NON Samsung Dealer:
Username: “Dealer Username” Password: “Dealer Password” NON Samsung Dealer: Username: iserv Password: iserv

4 Samsung OS7070 Preperations
MMC MGI & SIP Licences MMC Setup Virtual Card MMC Provide SIP Phone Ext numbers MMC Provide User ID and Password. MMC Set Codec. Optional DSP on Base: G729. Please Specify if needed. MMC Frame Count: 20ms MMC Sip Extension Expire time: 60 MMC DTMF: RFC 2833

5 Network Tab Specify the details below. Specify same GW, DNS and VLan as PBX.

6 Server Tab Log onto the base Station. Menu*47* Open Server Tab
Registrar - PBX IP Reregistration Time - 600 SIP Transport - UDP Keep Alive - Enable DTMF Signalling - RFC 2833 Codec Priority - G711a / G729 Depending on the Codec required.

7 Adding Extensions Extension - Taken from MMC 842
Authentication User Name - Same as above Authentication Password - Taken from MMC 842 Display Name - User Name.

8 Registering Extensions
Select required Extension. Click Register Handset Handset Press Menu Scroll to Connectivity Select Register Access Code: 00 00 Handset will Register shortly, test with internal and external calls.

9 Provider Change Base Once the Base and Handset has been Setup. You will need to change the Provider of the Units. Base: Login and edit the URL address. Example: For Samsung: For Generic SIP: Click - Save and Forced Reboot. Open Home Status: Confirm that System Type reads: Samsung OfficeServ

10 Provider Change Handset
Once the Base has been done. You will need to change the Provider of the handset. Handset: Place the “Set Provider” in root directory. Install “RtxEaiPortServer-setup” Open RTX Port Server Program Right Click Setup. Change Comm port under UART Tab. Close Window. Open Root File. Edit Comm port in “RtxEaiPortServer.ini” under the UART line. Open CMD Type the following while handset is turned on. Cd\ Cd set provider SetMmiSystemProviderKey.bat '“xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx"‘ CMD will display SUCCESS. Switch off and on again.

11 Time Server Once installation has completed, the time needs to be rectified. This is a VERY Important Factor when Setting up Multi Cell. Select Time Tab Time Server: Public or Local Refresh time: 2 Timezone: +2:00 Click save. Switch handset off then on. Correct time will display.

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