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WebDT Content Manager 6.0 Pro

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1 WebDT Content Manager 6.0 Pro
Easy Tutorial Quick Installation Guide Create your 1st Playlist

2 Getting Started You will require below components to set up your digital signage network: WCM Server Signage Player PC/ Laptop PC, Laptop as a WCM Server One Signage Appliance as a Signage Player One PC/ Laptop for designer or publish manager

3 Network Structure

4 WCM Server Installation
WCM Server software was pre-installed in SP/ MS Appliance

5 WCM Server Installation
Choose “Quick Setup” to Install

6 WCM Server Installation
Components Installation There are three components for WebDT Content Manager: Database Server Content Server Publish Server

7 WCM Server Installation
Database Information Database Port Superuser Name Superuser Password Data directory

8 WCM Server Installation
Database Information SSL for Web Server HTTPS Ports CA-Key File and CA-Cert File Web Server Port

9 WCM Server Installation
Check the Firewall Settings If third party firewall is used, please change the firewall settings as below:

10 WCM Server Installation
Installation Completed After installation, the Start.html will be launched to guide you next steps. Please restart your system to complete the installation process.

11 Login to WCM by Browser Launch Chrome browser and input Server IP to logon IP address: (port number)/index.jsp Example: (default port: 80) (port number)

12 Login to WCM by Browser Input default login information
User ID: manager Password: Organization: my site

13 WCM User Interface 1 3 2 4 5 Major function tabs Global settings
Toolbar Working area Attributes window

14 Register Player to WCM Server

15 Connect Player to LAN/ Internet
Connect Player to WCM Server in same LAN or Internet The registration window will pop up automatically when the player is not registered Or launch “Start > WebDT Digital Signage > WebDT Signage Player 6 > Register Player Again” manually

16 Register to WCM Server Registration Information
Player name: Leave default name or give a new name Group name: If you did not created any group in WCM server yet, leave it blank now Organization name: my site (default) Access Password: (default) Publish Server URL: IP address): (port number)/ publish or, (Port number)/publish

17 Check Player Status from WCM Server
1 2 Player/ Group list Player/ Group status

18 Create a new Playlist with Built-in Templates

19 3-steps Quick Start Guide

20 Select Built-in Template to Edit
1 4 2 3 1. Click “Playlist” tab 2. Double click “Default” folder 3. Select a built-in template and Save As a new one 4. Double click to enter Playlist Editor

21 Import Media 1 3 2 1. Select media which you want to change
2. Click “Replace Media” button 3. Select preferred media

22 Publish 1 2 4 3 1. Click “Publish” button 2. Click “Add Group” button
3. Select Group 4. Select publish type 5. Click “Publish” button 5

23 Your first Playlist has been published

24 Check Player Status from WCM Server
1 2 Refresh snapshot Player information

25 You have complete your 1st Playlist
Visit WCM Online Tutorial to learn more

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