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iServ Technical Multi Cell Manual

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1 iServ Technical Multi Cell Manual
Handset: 8630 Base: 8660

2 Multi Cell Info Maximum Bases - 40 Base Stations
Maximum Handsets Handsets Support Repeaters - Yes DO NOT exceed db All Base Stations must have correct firmware. Time must be set on all base stations. Only the main base must be configured with setup details. Slave base stations only join the cell. Join one base at a time, do not enable multi cell all at once. If G729 is required, all base stations need to have the module installed.

3 Firmware Locations Samsung Dealer: NON Samsung Dealer:
Username: “Dealer Username” Password: “Dealer Password” NON Samsung Dealer: Username: iserv Password: iserv

4 Time Server Once installation has completed, the time needs to be rectified. This is a VERY Important Factor when Setting up Multi Cell. Select Time Tab Time Server: Public or Local Refresh time: 2 Timezone: +2:00 Click save. Switch handset off then on. Correct time will display.

5 Multi Cell Setup Configure Main base station to exact setup.
Network / Server / Extension / Time Multi Cell Tab: Multi cell system - Enabled System Chain ID Synchronization Time - 60 Data Sync - Peer-to-Peer Multi cell debug - Both Click Save

6 Multi Cell Setup After clicking save, a new option appears.
Primary Data Sync IP - This will be the Main Base IP. Each Slave Base will have the Main Base IP under the Primary Data Sync IP. Click Save & Reboot.

7 Adding multiple Base Stations
Please note that the firmware, Provider key has to be done on all base stations. Once the Main Base has been setup for Multi cell. Enable Multi cell on second base station. Do not create a server or add any info, only enable multi cell. Save and reboot then it will join min. Multi Cell Tab:

8 Muti Cell Tree DO NOT change any settings under the DECT Sync Source drop down option. The Tree will stabilize after +-15min. DO NOT exceed -70db. (Sample below) Supply each Base a name under the Management tab.

9 Multi-Cell Signal Coverage
Once the Multi-cell has been setup, switch on “Site Survey Mode”, return to the main screen by pushing the red button then take another handset and dial each other. Take note of the RPN numbers in the Multi Cell tab and what displays on the handset. Underneath each RPN number is a DB signal level. As you move around from base to base, the RPN numbers will rotate with the signal levels. These signal levels should not exceed -70db. Site Survey Mode: menu*service* (menu* *) IP Search: menu*ip* (menu*47*)

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