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January, 2000. 1 SATURN-II family The JANUS series solution CD/SS ™ Wireless Packet and Voice Communication Processor L9002DX2-20T, -33T, -40T & -20P,

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Presentation on theme: "January, 2000. 1 SATURN-II family The JANUS series solution CD/SS ™ Wireless Packet and Voice Communication Processor L9002DX2-20T, -33T, -40T & -20P,"— Presentation transcript:

1 January, SATURN-II family The JANUS series solution CD/SS ™ Wireless Packet and Voice Communication Processor L9002DX2-20T, -33T, -40T & -20P, -33P, -40P

2 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Consumer Cordless Phone is going towards CDMA CT0, Analog Digital Spread Spectrum 900MHz & 2.4GHz 46MHz & 900MHz CD/SS™ as 1-bit CDMA Simple CordlessRange & Clarity Multiple Handset, M-way Family Radio CD/SS™ with data & diversity technology Multiple Line, Multiple Handset, Home network Memory dial, CID, D-TAD, Voice Recognition.. Transfer & Intercom Conference, modem & LAN Features Up to 1 Watt RF power = 100mW L9002VX2 / L9320 L9002DX / DX2

3 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Multi Function Phones SOHO, Internet Ready, Modem Interface; Anti-Jam & Anti-Scan Multiple Line, multiple handset Hold, Drop, Transfer & Conference Data capability Caller ID D-TAD Packet Speech Voice Recognition 900MHz ISM 2.4GHz.. ISM Diversity RF On-Off Keying

4 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © SATURN-II New Features enhanced Multiple Handset, Family Radio & Packet Mode support L9002DX2 All VX2 features Software Data ports Burst Transfer mode Super Gain Code Antenna selection L9002VX2 Chip Rate Reduction mode TDD break in mode DX-20P L9002VX

5 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Introducing Lanwave L9320 G.721 ADPCM Codec for SATURN Cordless Phones l SATURN interface, chip set solution l 28-pin small outline package (SOP) l Full duplex with voice companding l DTMF generation with gain adjust l 3V low power CMOS operation

6 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © SATURN Roadmap DX2 L9002DX-20P VX2 * L9002VX L9002DX-40P SATURN-ClassicSATURN-II Time L9002DX-40P Price L9002DX2-33 L9002DX2-20 L9002DX2-40 L9002VX2 / L9320 Voice & Data Direct PCM transfer Packet voice, PABX, & Wireless LAN MH & FRS mode Applications FRS, Walkie-Talkie, MH, MLMH, WPBX, V.90, Home Networking

7 7 Personal Radio using SATURN-II l System Configurations and Functions l Estimated BOM Cost l Incremental Cost Analysis

8 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Walkie Talkie FRS Mode outside of Home Cell Individualized, encrypted conversation Paging to single or multiple extensions Up to 12 pairs of simultaneous link in MHz, and 40 pairs in 2.4GHz ISM band Personal Radio in parks, malls and during outing Extension of family radio, CB and walkie talkie Call notification into active links - TDD break in mode Roam back into home cell within proximity

9 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Single Line, Multiple Handsets Extension of simple Cordless Phone, Home Intercom and Networking system Avoid wiring new phone jacks Charging cradle can contain data ports Intercom, Hold, Transfer and Conference with base unit Ring notification to send Caller ID into active intercom links No limit on maximum number of handsets, unlimited number of mobile units same as FRS mode RJ-11 phone jack kitchen Back yard Bedroom Hall way Living room PCMCIA card

10 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Multiple Line, Multiple Handsets Simple PABX for SOHO market, data capable 2 to 4 lines, stackable or expandable base Each RJ-11 link handle by one set of Lanwave Codec/SATURN-II chip Modular design: 1 RF per line (synchronized TDD in multiple frequency bands) Using IF mixing, 4-GFSK, 4-WASK can merge multiple RF into 1 single unit - simplify antenna design Multiple handset conference through base units RJ-11 phone jacks PCMCIA card

11 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Multiple Base Cells Campus phone system with wireless LAN capability Specially assigned base-to-base coordination frequency channels. Code handoff across boundary. NOT a soft handoff. Packet mode for Link Management. Power control in FDD channels. Packet voice will provide soft handoff, eliminate hardware codec. Mixed circuit and packet modes. Mixed CD/SS with hybrid hopping. Software complexity same as wireless LAN with open software architecture. RJ-11 phone jacks

12 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Start with the L9002VX2 l Multiple Handset, FRS, MLMH l Use with L9320 ADPCM Codec Differentiate from analog and DSS cordless phones

13 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © BOM Cost BOM Cost (simple base, one handset) = Existing Analog Phone BOM (900MHz or 2.4GHz) + 2 x (L9002VX2 / L9320) - RF ingenuity savings

14 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Upgrade to L9002DX / DX2 l Superset of VX, -Multiple Handset, FRS, MLMH -Use with L9320 ADPCM Codec l Cost performance improvement: - Fractional Chip Rate reduce IF bandwidth and cost - VPSK improve RF sensitivity and processing gain - Diversity Control Registers counter multipath fading - Super Gain or Low-Temperature codes increase range l Packet speech, packet modem: - Full PCM sampling (support direct V.90 interface) - VoIP in CELP (software substituted codec) - Burst packet mode (home wireless Local Area Network) Further improving cost, performance and new features

15 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © BOM Cost = Existing Analog Phone BOM (900MHz or 2.4GHz) + 2 x (L9002DX2 / software codec) - RF ingenuity savings DX2 with software codec

16 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © DX2 and VX2 new functions L9002DX2 All VX2 features Software Data ports Burst Transfer mode Super Gain Code Antenna selection L9002VX2 Chip Rate reduction mode TDD break in mode Application Notes data sheet AN-11, AN-16 AN-8 AN-9, AN-13 AN-2, AN-10 AN-3

17 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © TDD break in mode Command Field Eavesdropping mode (See Lanwave AN-3) Extension of Packet broadcasting from the abf command field When listening slaves are programmed with Mirror_ID, the active TDD unit’s command fields (Master and Slave) can be heard from the incoming STI fields with valid ID_DET interrupt. Command Plane universal broadcast independent of Data Plane activities. TDD break in mode is the logical inverse of ring-check-notification implemented inside TDD gap Master Slave.. Active TDD pair Slaves in Listen_Only mode (programmed with Mirror_ID and decryption vector) ID_DET# asserted, STO = Active Master Command field

18 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Chip Rate Scaling Mclk Scaling (AN-2), Low Temp and Fractional Rate Codes (AN-10) l Mclk Scaling SATURN-II allows DSP scaling in the time domain Nominal mode: L9002 Mclk = 19.2MHz, L9320 = 10.24MHz chip rate = 682KHz (1.36M chips /sec.) PCM rate = 8.0 KHz. Voice BW= 4.0 KHz IF (FSK) = 1.15 MHz Scaled (e.g.): L9002 Mclk = MHz, L9320 = 8.0MHz chip rate = 533KHz (1.066M chips /sec.) PCM rate = 6.25KHz. Voice BW = KHz IF (FSK) = 800 KHz l Low-Temp and Fractional Rate Codes further reducing IF bandwidth by lowering chip rate

19 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Automatic Antenna Selection See Lanwave Technical Note (AN-9, AN-13) l Diversity Control Registers (DCR) - Registers 0x71, 0x72 & 0x73 l Antenna Selection inside SATURN - Master and Slave Switch Gatesbased on fuzzy logic l Hybrid channel hop set generator - Pseudo random, synchronous, restartable hop set generator - Optimized for 2.4GHz ISM band l Contact Lanwave for algorithm tuning

20 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Super Gain Setting Compensation for noise, channel & code temperature (AN-8) l DSP threshold compensation settings from registers 0x18 to 0x1d. Contact Lanwave for details l Fine adjustments for maximum Processing Gain based on channel and background noise characteristics l Code, noise, mobility and RF dependent l Time varying threshold adjustment for adaptive design, in conjunction with code selection

21 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Burst Transfer Mode See Lanwave Technical Note AN-14, AN-16 l Acquisition Frame (abf) carries 12-bytes of data in the L9002DX2 l Additional to 24-bit Command Field l Write into output FIFO before hail, read from input FIFO after hail l Application for Caller ID transfer and fast packet mode communication

22 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Software Data Ports l Internal FIFO data ports, byte aligned with programmable underflow code l Check sum field can be over ride with proprietary FEC or additional data l Can be used in conjunction with software voice codec, eliminating ADPCM l L9002DX and L9002DX2 only See Lanwave Technical Note AN-11

23 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Fractional Chip Rate VPSK Encoding (See Lanwave Technical Note AN-10) l Digitizing amplitude puts burden on RF filter ripple, PA linearity, ADC tolerances.. which are generally costly. l Digitizing phase builds on timing linearity, jitter reduction and minimized group delay variances. l Subject to continuous improvement from manufacturing control, design and component selection, and scale with semiconductor geometry. (smaller digital circuit improves phase resolution for a better gain.) l Base band IC maintains socket and software compatibility

24 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Examples Super Gain (Low temp code) & Half Chip Rate Codes l Low-temperature code (K=4, PG=+15dB, BW=0.55) PN000: #C339 F PN001: #D86C 78D PN010: #F0E1 9C0F PN011: #9993 CC l Half Chip Rate code (K=0.5, PG=+13dB, BW=0.5) PN000: #F0C3 1E PN001: #E1CC C3F PN010: #333C 1E PN011: #3C0F CCE l Color compensation settings (contact Lanwave)

25 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © FSK Radio Example Identical topology in 2.4GHz and 900MHz designs l Configuration: l 340KHz BW, 500KHz IF, GMSK, 22~25 900MHz, ~60 2.4GHz channels, ADPCM voice quality l -98dBm sensitivity, 20dBm power, 2dBi primary antenna, 120dB jamming margin with 13 to 15dB Processing Gain under AWGN l Design engineering and manufacturing experience, equipment and learning accumulate to reducing cost

26 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Incremental Cost Analysis design options with the L9002DX / DX2 series

27 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © System Block Diagram RF Module Wideband TDD vs. Narrow band FDD CD/SS DSP ** not needed in analog phones MCU Voice DSP ADPCM in CD/SS, not needed in analog Diversity Antenna ** not needed in analog phones Clock Sources CD/SS : 19.2MHz (50ppm) CPU_CLK divide down to MCU MHz (50ppm) or 10.24MHz for RF reference &ADPCM Codec. Analog: similar resolution (2 crystals, or 1 crystal plus resonator) Major cost elements

28 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Voice codec Tradeoff: Sound Quality / Baseband Data Rate / Cost ** Sound Quality Baseband Data Rate PCM Codec with companding 8-bit ADC with R-2R DAC Mclk Scaling ADPCM Codec CVSD or Soft Codec ** Size of the spheres correlate with cost 50Kbps 64Kbps25Kbps 32Kbps8Kbps 13Kbps Variable Rate vector encoding

29 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © SATURN-II CD/SS features L9002VX2 Yes No L9002DX2 Yes 1. Half Chip Rate mode 2. 8KHz GPT 3. ADPCM interface 4. Data I/O FIFO ports 5. Super Gain Mode 6. Fractional Rate VPSK mode comments 32chip/color: PG=15.1dB 16chip/color: PG=13dB for ADC Sample & Hold 4 dedicated PCM I/O pins Byte I/O of ADC, DAC and soft codec voice data Super Gain S&R PG improvement: +3 to 8dB 1/3 Chip Rate with Super Gain compressing Code instead of, and in addition to, Voice

30 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Fractional Chip Rate using DX/2 IF bandwidth Codec Rate & Mclk 50Kbps 64Kbps 30MHz 38.4MHz 25Kbps 32Kbps 15MHz 19.2MHz 266KHz 175KHz 228KHz 341KHz 350KHz 682KHz 533KHz MHz Ceramic (TV/stereo filter at 10.7MHz) Crystal /SAW (DECT type at 110MHz ) WB SAW (150 ~ 350MHz center frequency) Full rate color code Half rate code 1/3 rate code High Gain, Low-temp code Sensitivity Processing Gain -100 dbm -94 dbm dB dB 533KHz Within FCC 10dB+ Processing Gain requirement

31 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Implementation Choices Mclk IF Bandwidth 2nd ant., dual RF switch, discrete PA IF filters Demodulator PLL Voice codec Base band CD/SS DSP Super Gain Mode V.90 Interface Max. 900MHz Ch #1 19.2MHz 682KHz additional SAW filter + gain stage MC13158 class same as analog ADPCM L9320 L9002VX2 /L9002DX2 DX2 only No 12 #2 15MHz 533KHz additional SAW filter + gain MC13158 same ADPCM L9320 L9002VX2 /L9002DX2 DX2 No 16 #3 15MHz 533KHz additional SAW filter + gain MC13158 same Sigma delta /Op amps L9002DX2 Yes No 16 #4 32.4MHz 1152KHz additional WB SAW + gain MC13158 same Sigma delta /Op amps L9002DX2 Yes 7 #5 19.2MHz 341KHz additional Ceramic or SAW MC3356 class same ADPCM L9320 L9002VX2 /L9002DX2 DX2 No 20 #6 15MHz 266KHz additional Ceramic MC3356 same ADPCM L9320 L9002VX2 /L9002DX2 DX2 No 25 #7 15MHz 266KHz additional Ceramic MC3356 same Sigma delta /Op amps L9002DX2 Yes No 25 #8 32.4MHz 576KHz additional SAW + gain stage MC13158 class same Sigma delta /Op amps L9002DX2 Yes 14 Full Rate (32-chip/color)Half Rate (16-chip/color)

32 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Summary.. 1 l Lanwave reference design is implementation #1 today, using L9002VX2/L9320: - BOM cost is $24 by typical OEM customers (BOM list, Aug 99.) - 12 Channels, -93dBm sensitivity, no V.90 interface. l Implementation #8 has same RF cost as #1, with L9002DX2 and direct voice sampling: - roughly similar BOM cost at $24: L9002DX2/SD Codec = L9002VX2/L Channels, -94dBm sensitivity, shorter TDD echo - higher clock rate require faster PLL lock time - V.90 interface, Super Gain mode. Comments on implementation #1 and #8

33 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Summary.. 2 l #7 has the best RF cost & simplest manufacturing: - Eliminate SAW filter and 1 gain stage at 1st IF - Ceramic for channel isolation at 10.7MHz (TV/Stereo filters) - Adjust FSK index to meet 500KHz FCC requirement - MC3356 class demodulators - Sensitivity to -98dBm, plus Super Gain mode. l BOM cost roughly at low $20* from savings of: - SAW, gain stage, MC13158 difference to ceramic and MC better performance from lower IF bandwidth, easier QA. l Software codec for 2:1 compression or CVSD - to retain ADPCM codec, use implementation #6 with L9320 l Increase somewhat for 2.4GHz due to high frequency discrete & PLL difference Comments on implementation #7 * 900MHz 1-base, 1-handset configuration. Cost varies with manufacturer.

34 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Example 1/3 Chip Rate Code with VPSK compensation l One-third Chip Rate code (PG=+10.3dB, BW=0.33) PN000: #01FC 0F1F PN001: #F8F0 3F PN010: #1E00 FF0F PN011: #0078 F0FF l Color compensation settings (contact Lanwave)

35 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Fractional Chip Rate (2) IF bandwidth Codec Rate & Mclk 50Kbps 64Kbps 30MHz 38.4MHz 25Kbps 32Kbps 15MHz 19.2MHz 131KHz 175KHz 228KHz 171KHz 350KHz 1/4 rate code 1/5 rate code Sensitivity Processing Gain -104 dbm -98 dbm dB 263KHz for digital narrow band and hybrid frequency hopping phones 1/3 rate code 210KHz 138KHz 105KHz Ceramic (TV/stereo filter at 10.7MHz) +8.1 dB

36 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Summary.. 3 l New SATURN will support 1/3 rate color code - modified DSP with VPSK for high fidelity color separation l Applicable for 900MHz and 2.4GHz operation under non-FCC Part systems - Processing Gain and 500KHz requirement considerations l Rest of system, software design identical to CD/SS digital cordless for Part15 compliant models: - 228KHz IF without Mclk scaling, 175KHz with 15.0MHz Mclk - eliminate power amp stage, second antenna & switch - lower cost, better performance from ceramic filters, easy QA. l Uniform architecture across product line, enhance economy of scale, and product change cost. Implementation of digital narrow band, or hybrid FH phone

37 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Your Competitive Advantage l Drive product differentiation l Cost is up to R&D team in protected IP l Product feature, pricing, entry timing and channel are brand specific l Uniform architecture, faster cycle time l Control your own business l The Open architecture business model

38 LanwaveTechnology, Inc. © Lanwave Technology, Inc. Your Wireless Connection l Contact Lanwave (USA) for details Tel: (408) , Fax: (408) l Local (Asia) representatives Japan distribution : Sanshin Electronics Tel: (81) Taiwan: Tonsam Corporation Tel: (886) , Fax: (886) Hong Kong & China: Dynax Telecom Ltd. Tel: (852) , Fax: (852)

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