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猴王传海报图片. Product Showcase Brand Introduction Contents.

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1 猴王传海报图片

2 Product Showcase Brand Introduction Contents

3 Ashley lives a carefree life under the loving guidance of his parents. However, he is eventually forced by circumstance—namely enemy invasion, political intrigue, and his own exile of many years—to mature quickly and, finally, to assume the mantle of leadership in the monkey realm. Having met his true love in Para Valley, Ashley returns to Mount Concha and becomes lord of both dominions, beginning a promising era in the lives of the subjects he loves so well. 猴王传海报图片 Summary

4 Official Selection, Italy’s Pulcinella Awards, 2010! Awards :

5 5 Distribution Information: Top hit show on CCTV Children’s Channel! Aired on Serbia’s Happy TV! Aired on India’s Chithiram TV! Aired on Macau TV! Covering over 30 countries!

6 Brand Positioning Target Consumers Kids between age 3 and 15; teenagers and adults between age 16 and 36. Product Categories Clothing Toys Accessories Education Supplies Finance-related Products Printed Products Household Products

7 Ashley: (active & naughty) A brave youngster who matures into the decisive, upright King of Mount Concha and Para Valley. Characters from Ashley

8 Bryon: ( nice & fearless) A kind-hearted and brave giant panda, who journeys with Ashley in search of the Pavonine Lake. Characters from Ashley

9 Daniel: (humorous & swift) Ashley’s good friend, a quick-witted flying squirrel who also is also along for the trek to the Pavonine Lake. 豆丁的图片 Characters from Conch Bay

10 Becky: (adorable & determined) Lango’s daughter, who is quite taken with Ashley, and who seeks to support him in all of his endeavors. Characters from Conch Bay

11 Gerry: (powerful & tough) With the help of Mathew, the once-loyal Gerry becomes the new captain of the Royal Platoon, but later betrays Montague and usurps his throne. Characters from Conch Bay

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20 Product Showcase Toys Plush Toys

21 Product Showcase

22 THANK YOU! Fantawild Animation Inc. 14/F, Huaqiang Bldg., Keji Zhong Yi Rd., Nanshan, Shenzhen518057, China Tel : (86 755) 8610 9920 Fax:(86 755)8375 9700 Web:

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