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What role did compromise play in delaying the Civil War?

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1 What role did compromise play in delaying the Civil War?

2 Theisis Compromise played a decent role in delaying the Civil War. Though it tired to solve the problem between states, it only stalled the situation.

3 Popular sovereignty One of the ways to settle slavery in the new territores was to have the people vote on rather they should have it or not. The result wasn’t fair because people from other states came in and voted and some held up strongholds against the opposition.

4 Missouri Compromise Missouri was admitted as a slave state. Maine was carved out of Massachusetts and admitted as a free state. The latitude line of 36° 30’ across the Louisiana Purchase was drawn and slavery would not be permitted north of that boundary, except for Missouri. The southern border of Missouri was the northernmost point that slavery would be allowed in the western territories. These was the results of the Missouri Compromise. The man behind it was Henry Clay.

5 Kansas-Nebraska Act In order to help the railroad connecting the east and west, the territories' near Iowa, and Missouri had to be settled. According to the compromise these two states would enter as free states. The south was angry that this would upset the balance of free and slave states. Stephen Douglas brought up the idea of popular sovereignty. Despite outrage by the north, the act passed.

6 Compromise of 1850 California entered the Union as a free state. Utah was allowed to enter the Union as a slave state if the citizens approved via popular sovereignty. Popular sovereignty would allow settlers of an area to decide whether to permit slavery or not in their territory.. Slave markets were banned from Washington, D.C. Tougher Fugitive Slave Act was passed. Remaining land obtained from Mexico and a part of Texas was organized into New Mexico Territory. U.S. Treasury paid Texas’s debts acquired from before it became a state, totaling ten million dollars.

7 Compromise of 1850 Contd. This seemed to settle the argument since now all states had been settled. Two key players in this were Stephen Douglas, and Henry Clay.

8 Conclusion To conclude, the compromise played a decent role in delaying the Civil War. 1, the Missouri compromise which passed and ok with people, was totally disregarded later. 2, too many changes to them outraged one of the other sides. And 3, the people who are credited with the compromises, were the ones who influenced changes. When there's a compromise and you keep making changes, someone's not going to be happy, specially when you take away from them.

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