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Expanding Slavery What should we do with our slaves?

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1 Expanding Slavery What should we do with our slaves?

2 Free Template from 2 Homework COPY YOUR HOMEWORK!! Textbook page 254 #’s 1, 2, 5

3 Free Template from 3 A Nation Divided North Opposes Slavery –Keep slavery where it already existed –Feared shift in political power –Nation was equally balanced before westward expansion: = # of slave and free states.

4 Free Template from 4 Maintaining the Balance Missouri Compromise (1820) –Northwest Ordinance permitted slavery south of the Ohio River –Admission of Missouri would upset balance –Compromise needed Missouri slave state, Maine free state States north of 36◦ 30” latitude line would be free This worked until California requested admission.

5 Free Template from 5 Compromise of 1850 All land gained from Mexico was south of the Missouri Compromise North feared that the new territory would give the South a majority in the Senate and the Electoral College Northerners wanted slavery kept out of the territories South believed that the government could not tell people they could not bring their property to the territories.

6 Free Template from 6 Compromise of 1850 Compromise tried to please both sides –California admitted as a free state –Popular Sovereignty: allow the people to decide their slavery status in Utah & New Mexico –Abolished slave trading in Washington DC –Slavery remained legal in Washington DC –Fugitive Slave Act: required citizens to return runaway slaves

7 Free Template from 7 Kansas-Nebraska Act Southern states felt they were losing power Under the Missouri Compromise, Nebraska and Kansas would be free states The Act would allow popular sovereignty to decide slavery question Outraged northerners caused violence known as “Bleeding Kansas” in 1856

8 Free Template from 8 Legacy of the Slavery Debate Bitter Feelings between North and South 1,000’s dead in protests Southerners angry at federal government Stage set for the Civil War

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