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To corrupt I have unkempt hair!

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2 To corrupt









11 I have unkempt hair!

12 Amicable Peaceable, friendly

13 Averse Having a deep- seated distaste; opposed, unwilling

14 Benevolent

15 Cursory Hasty, not thorough You’ll be if you only give your test one quick cursory look before handing it in

16 Duplicity Treachery, deceitfulness

17 Holocaust A large-scale destruction, especially by fire; a vast slaughter; a burnt offering much destruction

18 Impervious Not affected or hurt by; admitting of no passage or entrance

19 Im pet u s A moving force, impulse, stimulus forward

20 Quintessence The purest essence or form of something; the most typical example

21 Tepid Lukewarm; unenthusiastic, marked by an absence of interest

22 (adj.,part.) Associated, connected Oddly enough, these two were not affiliated with the International Assosciation of Conjoined Twins, or IACT.

23 (n.) an accomplishment, the act of achieving

24 (adj.) Forceful,convincing; relevant, to the point GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY!!!

25 (v.) to erase, obliterate, destroy

26 (adj.) having limits, lasting for a limited time

27 (adj.) spiteful, showing ill will Julius Caesar’s friends treated him with malevolence

28 (adj.) cool and confident, unconcerned. Chilling

29 (n.) a remedy for all ills; cure-all; an answer to all problems Synonyms: easy solution

30 (adj.) strange, mysterious, weird, beyond explanation

31 (adj.) knowing everything; having unlimited awareness or understanding

32 Noun -One who does good to others Antonym -malefactor

33 Adjective -Marked by honor, courtesy, and courage -Knightly Antonym - crude

34 Noun - Mercy, humaneness -Mildness, moderateness Antonym - harshness

35 Noun - A difference -Lack of agreement Synonym - difference

36 Adjective - Easily done to attained - Superficial - Ready, fluent -Easily shown but not sincerely felt Synonym - effortless

37 Adjective - Free from error -Absolutely dependable Synonym - unerring

38 Adjective - Causing a sharp sensation -Stinging, biting Synonym - caustic

39 Adjective - Neglectful in performance of one’s duty -Careless Synonym - negligent

40 Noun - Rashness -Boldness Synonym - recklessness Bold

41 Adjective - Sincere - Real -Without pretence Antonym - insincere

42 Brandish To wave or flourish in a menacing or vigorous fashion.

43 deft skillful, nimble

44 destitute Deprived of nescessities of life; lacking in.

45 explicit Definite, clearly stated.

46 extirpate To tear up by the roots; to destroy totally.

47 inopportune Coming at a bad time; not appropriate

48 officious Meddling; excessively forward in offering services or assuming authority.

49 ominous threatening

50 pinnacle A high peak or point.

51 venal Open to or marked by bribery or corruption »=»=

52 Abhor (v) to regard with horror; to hate deeply Syn. Detest, Despise

53 Amend (v) to change in a formal way Syn. Modify, improve

54 Buffet (v) to slap or cuff; to strike repeatedly Syn. Batter, sock

55 Chaos (n) great confusion, disorder Syn. Anarchy, turmoil

56 Corrosive (adj) eating away gradually, acid like Syn. Caustic, mordant

57 Discern (v) to see clearly, recognize Syn. Perceive, detect

58 Implicate (v) to involve in, to connect with or be related to Syn. Incriminate, entangle

59 Renegade (n) one who leaves a group, a deserter, outlaw Syn. Turncoat, defector

60 Squalid (adj) filthy, wretched Syn. Dingy, sordid, foul

61 Waive (v) give up voluntarily Syn. Decline, relinquish

62 Abhor (V.)-to regard with horror or loathing; to hate deeply

63 amend (v.)-to change in a formal way; to change for the better

64 buffet (v.)- to slap or cuff; to strike repeatedly;to drive or force with blows; to force one’s way with difficulty; (n.)-a slap,blow

65 chaos (n.)- great confusion, disorder

66 corrosive (adj.)- eating away gradually, acidlike; bitterly sarcastic

67 discern (v.)-to see clearly, recognize

68 implicate (v.)- to involve in; to connect with or be related to

69 renegade (n.)- one who leaves a group; a deserter, outlaw (adj.)- traitorous; unconventional, unorthodox

70 squalid (adj.)- filthy, wretched, debased

71 waive (v.)- to do without, give up voluntarily; to put off temporarily, defer

72 Animosity Strongly Dislike, Enmity

73 Apathy A Lack of Feeling or emotion

74 Apprehensive Fearful or anxious, worried, nervous

75 Commend To praise, express approval, entrust

76 Compatible Work well with, Harmonious, In agreement

77 Condolence Expression of sympathy

78 Consecrate To make sacred, Sanctify

79 Decrepit Worn-out, ruin, rickety

80 Obsolete Out of date

81 Omnivorous Eating all kinds of food, all devouring

82 Animosity Strong dislike, bitter hostility

83 Apathy A lack of feeling, emotion, or interest

84 Apprehensive Fearful or anxious, especially about the future

85 Commend To praise, express approval: to present as worthy of attention; to commit to the care

86 Compatible Able to get along or work well together; of use with some other model or system

87 Condolence An expression of sympathy

88 Consecrate To make sacred, hallow; to set apart for a special purpose

89 Decrepit Old and feeble; worn out, ruined

90 Obsolete Out – of – date, no longer in use

91 Omnivorous Eating every kind of food; eagerly taking in everything having a wide variety of tastes

92 ALLOCATE To set apart or designate for a special purpose ; to distribute

93 CHASTISE To inflict physical punishment as a means of correction; to scold severely

94 DEVIATE To turn aside; to stray from a norm; one who departs from a norm; differing from a norm, heterodox, unconventional

95 EMACIATED Unnaturally thin

96 INDEMNITY A payment for damage or loss

97 INKLING A hint; a vague notion

98 OMNIPOTENT Almighty, having unlimited power or authority

99 PALATABLE Agreeable to the taste or ones sensibilities; suitable for consumption

100 POIGNANT Deeply affecting, touching keen or sharp in taste or smell

101 SPONTANEOUS Arising naturally; not planned or engineered in advance

102 Acquiesce You must acquiesce to your parents in order to get the car on Friday night.

103 Askew When my mom looked at me askew, I knew I had done something wrong.

104 Contentious Contentious people are not content with anything.

105 Covet It is immoral to covet another person’s husband or wife.

106 Disheveled Disheveled desks should be cleaned off with a shovel.

107 Lamentable Last semester was a lamentable one.

108 Misnomer The title of the story “Happy Ending” is a misnomer.

109 Profess They professed their undying love for each other.

110 Retribution You will wash the car every week this summer in retribution for throwing eggs at it.

111 Vanguard Quentin Terantino was considered a vanguard with his movie Reservoir Dogs.

112 Allude (V.) to refer to causally or indirectly Syn. Suggest, insinuate, hint at

113 Conclusive (adj.) serving to settle an issue Syn. Decisive, indisputable

114 disreputable (adj.) not respectable, not esteemed Syn. Disgraced, discreditable

115 Endemic (adj.) native or confined to a particular region or people Syn. Indigenous, restricted to

116 Exemplary (adj.) worthy of imitation, commendable, serving as a model Syn. Praiseworthy

117 Integrity (n) Honesty, high moral standards, Syn. Rectitude, probity

118 Misconstrue (v.) to interpret wrongly Syn. Misjudge, misinterpret

119 Placate (v.) to appease, soothe Syn. Satisfy, mollify, allay

120 Placid (adj.) calm peaceful Syn. Undisturbed, tranquil, quiet

121 Pretext (n.) a false reason, deceptive excuse Syn. Pretense, cover story

122 (n.) a cheerful readiness; brisk and eager action.

123 (n.) The direct opposite, a sharp contrast


125 (v.) to relieve, make more bearable.

126 (v.) to repeal, cancel

127 (v) To belittle, speak slightingly of; to undervalue.

128 Lively, sprightly, full of energy

129 (adj.) talkative, wordy, fond of talking


131 (adj.) required, obligatory

132 Abrasive

133 Savory

134 Concur

135 Acclimate

136 Receptive

137 Fracas

138 Grotesque

139 Repress

140 Pandemonium

141 Defamation

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