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Lesson Three: What is a republican government?

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1 Lesson Three: What is a republican government?
Unit One

2 Terms to Understand Aristocrats Civic virtue Common good Delegate
Direct democracy Factions Representative Representative democracy Republic Republican government

3 republic

4 republic A country that has a government in which power is held by the people who elect representatives

5 aristocrats

6 aristocrats Wealthy upper class

7 Republican government

8 Republican government
Type of government where: Citizens have the power to govern Citizens delegate or entrust their power to leaders they elect to represent them and to serve their interests Citizens and their representatives work promote the common good rather than their interests

9 delegate

10 delegate A leader elected to represent them and to serve their interests

11 Common good

12 Common good Means that which is good for the community as a whole

13 factions

14 factions Interest groups that might work against other groups or the people as a whole

15 Direct democracy

16 Direct democracy The people themselves control government (no elected representatives, as in a representative democracy)

17 Representative democracy

18 Representative democracy
The people choose leaders to make and administer laws for their country

19 Civic virtue

20 Civic virtue Both citizens and their leaders were willing to set aside their private interests and personal concerns for the common good NOW READ PG 21 & 22

21 What did the Founders learn about government from the Romans?
The Roman people governed themselves without a king Both wealthy and common people shared the power Romans had a republican government

22 What advantages did the Founders see in republican government
Representatives are elected to serve the common good Make laws that serve the entire community Having representatives makes the laws more efficient Laws can be made faster and better by representative because they have the time and practice The people have a say in their government The representatives are responsible to the people Can be voted out

23 What were the disadvantages of republican government?
Works best in small communities Territories/colonies were large and spread out Works best if everyone is more or less alike High degree of diversity within the colonies (as compared to Europe) People in a large and diverse republic would naturally divide into factions People would work against each other for special interests

24 Benefits of Republican govt. Why is this a benefit?
What might interfere with this benefit? People have a say in their government.

25 How did the Founders adapt the idea of republican government?
James Madison “Father of the Constitution” Adapted the idea of republican government to the reality of American life Defined the difference between direct democracy and a republican government Believed Americans should have a republican form of government (as in a republic, NOT the political party we know as the “Republicans”) Representative democracy NOW READ PAGES 28-29

26 Discussion Activity p.26-27
Read the story of Cincinnatus: A Model of Civic Virtue with your partner Discuss questions #1-5 on p27 Write down some “notes” for each question – this does not need to be complete sentence answers

27 Why is civic virtue necessary for republican government to work well?
Founders believed a republican government was only possible because of civic virtue Madison knew it was impossible for everyone to have civic virtue (someone may simply want fame and fortune). Knew he had to adapt the government to fit human nature as it was – which isn’t always good

28 How did the colonists teach the values of republican government?
Promoted throughout the colonies Buildings were designed to resemble the buildings of ancient Rome (subliminal messages!) Parents taught these values to children Teachers taught them in school Clergy taught them in sermons (church) American Revolution Caused because Founders believed Great Britain violated the values of a republican government

29 You Need To Know Difference between a representative democracy and a direct democracy Explain how Rome influenced the Founders Know advantages and disadvantages of a republican government (for the colonies) Explain how James Madison influenced the founders’ idea of republican government (p. 25)

30 Lesson Review Assignment
Pg.30 Lesson 3 Review questions #1-5 Complete sentences, restate the question in your answer, answer the question completely

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