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Landfill Communities Funding Dave Tristram Herefordshire Council/HVOSS.

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1 Landfill Communities Funding Dave Tristram Herefordshire Council/HVOSS

2 Contents Project Development Definitions and background The role of ENTRUST Funding Categories How to locate landfill sites LCF Funders in West Midlands Things to think about when making an application

3 Project Development Team-Who We Are Established 12 years – 2 officers Part of Regeneration Programmes Team, Herefordshire Council(DT on secondment to HVOSS, HMcS PD for statutory sector ) Advice and signposting on funding/match funding/project development/business planning etc. Assistance on bid writing One funding directory per year/monthly funding update by email Services free to access (for the time being…)

4 Project Development Figures 2004-5 – 412 enq. 2010/11 – 641 enq. / £1.15m funding approx. 2011/12 – 628 enq. / £2.8m funding approx. 2012/13 – 588 enq./ £2.9m funding approx. 2013-14 – 307 enq./ £1.5m funding approx. Grants: £457,000 to £300 in 2011/12 £1.1m to £400 in 2012/13 £405,000 to £220 in 2013/14

5 What is A Landfill Site? ‘A designated site where Local Authorities and industry take waste to be compacted with other waste. The EA licenses and regulates landfill sites to ensure that their impact on the environment is minimised’ (EA website 2013)

6 What Is Landfill Tax? Landfill Tax – ‘A tax applied to increase the cost of landfill…long term mitigation of environmental impacts related to disposal’(Wikipedia 5/7/13) Levied according to the weight of the material disposed Paid by landfill site operator Introduced by John Gummer, 1996

7 Landfill Communities Fund(formerly LTCS) Created 1997 Landfill operators receive a credit for a proportion of the tax they send to the government – operators can then donate this credit to organisations set up to distribute funding Landfill operators can give up to 6.5% of their landfill tax liabilities to environmental bodies in return for a tax credit

8 ENTRUST Regulatory body set up by HM Govt. 1997 Oversees administration of Landfill Tax Regulates and records all funding decisions on behalf of HMRC Not-for-profit funded by levy on your scheme (usually 10%)

9 Funding Categories A – Reclamation of land B – Remediation of pollution D – Public Amenities DA – Conservation of Biodiversity E – Restoration of buildings of historic interest F – Provision of financial or administrative services to environmental bodies registered with ENTRUST

10 How To Locate A Landfill Site Schemes require projects that are within a specified distance of a landfill site Funders websites usually have a postcode/building locator If unsure of distances, use a postcode calculator

11 Biffa Award Four Themes (Rebuilding Biodiversity/Community Buildings/Cultural Facilities/Recreation) Small Grants Main Grants(inc. Biodiversity) Flagship Usually quarterly panels Cath Hare 01636 670083

12 Biffa Small Grants £250 - £10,000 Project value <£30,000 Must be: Within 10 miles of a BIFFA site/ 10 miles of a landfill site Third party 5% contribution Categories D/DA/E 104 days pa minimum public access

13 Biffa Main Grants £10,000-£50,000 Project Value <£200,000 Covers funders main themes Must be: Within 10 miles of a BIFFA site/ 10 miles of a landfill site (25 for biodiversity projects) Third party 10% contribution Does NOT cover equipment/running costs/disability access 104 days minimum access pa

14 Biffa Flagship £150,000-£500,000 Project value <£500,000 Must be within 25 miles of BIFFA site/10 miles of landfill Cultural Facilities / Rebuilding Diversity Deadline for initial applications 20/08/13 Discuss with them before you apply Several examples listed on web page

15 SITA Trust Two main programmes – Enhancing Communities / Enriching Nature Has supported 3300 projects to a value of £93m since 1997. 115 sites / 4 in WM – Packington (E. Birmingham)/Granville(Telford)/Alkerton 01454 262910

16 SITA Enhancing Communities Physical improvements to amenities and historic buildings Core Fund (up to £60,000/max size £250k/ 3 rounds per annum) Fast Track(up to £20,000/bi-monthly) Must be within 3 miles of SITA site and 10 miles of landfill site Need 11% third party contribution

17 SITA Enriching Nature £2.25m allocated between 9 regions Must be within 10 miles of a landfill site Once a year application – deadline January, panel July-applications for 2013 now closed Species and habitats defined as ‘being of principle importance’ in Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006

18 Veolia Trust Primarily fund Categories D/DA/E (if A or B need to discuss with them first) Applies to both landfill and general refuse sites- need to be within 5 miles (e.g. Bromsgrove/Rugby/Telford/Hereford) Interested in 'wider community’ benefit Open to not-for profit etc. Two stages – EOI/Full application Quarterly panels, process usually 7-8 months

19 Veolia Trust (2) Maximum project size £500,000 Awards usually £20-£40,000 (maximum £100,000) Quarterly panels, process usually 7-8 months Open 104 days pa etc. Need to secure 5% in match Management costs allowed (up to 10%) Management/Professional ceiling 15%

20 Veolia Priorities Timing Value For Money Consultation Use of Volunteers Access to Facilities ‘Getting The Best From Your Project’ (Veolia Website)

21 WREN Company limited by guarantee (est. 1997) Check on applicant eligibility ‘Manage’ applications Evidence of need important Process is ‘first come first served’

22 WREN Small Grants Grants £2,000-£15,000 Maximum project size £50,000 Public amenities focus All info must be ‘in possession of panel’ prior to decision Must be within 10 miles of FCC Landfill site

23 WREN Main Grants Grants £15,001 -£75,000 Similar priorities to Small Grants, therefore only interested in Category D projects Limited number of projects supported Look at – match/need/sustainability Helpline - 01953 717165

24 WREN Biodiversity Action Fund Projects £75,000 – £250,000 Maximum of 5 years duration Within 10 miles of any licensed landfill Work around BAP related habitat Can be more than one site WM eligible – Shropshire/Staffordshire/Warwickshire/ West Midlands(County)

25 WREN Heritage Fund Operated by NCH Grants £15,000-£75,000 (10 % contribution from third party) Runs January – May – open again in 2014 For ‘urgent structural repairs to Grade 1/ 2* buildings Site within 10 miles of landfill in ‘a county where WREN operates WM-Warwickshire/Coventry

26 CORY Environmental Trust  Established 2003  £9.1m awarded to 240 projects  Panels 3 time per year  Interested in ‘positive community impact’  Categories A/B/D/DA supported, E ‘low priority’  WM - Dudley 

27 Ibstock Cory Different to Cory Environmental Established 2001 Categories A/B/D/DA/E £4.3m awarded to 240 projects Priority areas – Sevenoaks/South Gloucs./Dudley (Himley) Awards around £15,000

28 CORY/Ibstock Cory – Interests Consultation Energy Efficiency Environmental Benefit DDA Access Public Access Publicity Angela Haymonds (01753) 582513

29 Highfield South Trust Formed 2008 Distributes £80,000 pa Categories A/B/D/DA/E supported Eligible areas – Rushall/Shelfield/High Heath (Walsall/Brownhills)

30 WTOF Established 1995 Need to be within 10 miles of waste site £100,000 pa Category D priority Panels flexible Eligible areas – Herefordshire/Worcestershire

31 Lafarge Construction Same principles as landfill operators 200 sites across UK Categories A/B/D/DA/E Needs to be within 7 miles of Lafarge site / 10 miles of licensed landfill site Not for profit/community involvement/ sustainable 01629 539182

32 CEMEX Community Fund Like landfill, but cement Fund around £150k pa, two panels pa Categories D/E supported – stand alone Within 3 miles of CEMEX site/10 miles of landfill site Needs to be innovative, and to where possible strengthen relations

33 Trust Funding Around 9,370 trusts in UK Reduction of approx 20% funding since 2008 Varying modes of application and levels of response – be patient! Various searches available – DSC/Grants Online/ NCVO/Sandwell Council and Sandwell CVS

34 Outputs or Outcomes? More funders looking at Outcomes (and this includes Landfill funders) – what's the difference? Outputs – Relate to quantity and direct activity Outcomes – Relate to quality and changes that result from that activity You will always need Outputs to achieve Outcomes!

35 DSC- The Wasted Work of The Voluntary Sector (2010) 984,000 applications reviewed from 2008/9 361,149 applications ineligible (36%!) If each application took 20 minutes… …that’s 13 ¾ years of wasted work and time

36 DSC 2010 Recommendations For Applicants READ THE GUIDANCE!!! Talk to the funder Do your research Target applications Clear, concise and jargon free applications Think Think Think – what difference does it make?

37 Why Bids Fail Wrong information submitted Constitutional Issues Match funding Issues Poor budgeting Poor levels of consultation Poor quality or insufficient Outputs / Outcomes Too much competition

38 Contacts Steve Baylis 0121 525 1127 Jen Harrison -0121569 3326 Dave Tristram 01432 343932

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