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Jools Granville, Communications Manager. Today’s presentation An overview of An outline of our funding programmes Funding zones in this area.

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1 Jools Granville, Communications Manager

2 Today’s presentation An overview of An outline of our funding programmes Funding zones in this area

3 £83 million allocated to more than 3000 projects since 1997 Funding is distributed in England, Scotland and Wales In 2010, SITA Trust funded 155 projects with over £4.9 million, almost £8 million in 2011 Based in Falfield, South Gloucestershire Team of 12 people, full and part time

4 and the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) LCF is a Treasury scheme – Managed by HMRC – Policy driven by Government – Regulated by private sector company ENTRUST SITA Trust was created in 1997 – Roughly same time as landfill tax introduced – 20% of £7 tax could be diverted to ‘Landfill Tax Credit Scheme’ Significant changes in 2002/3 – LTCS renamed Landfill Communities Fund – Much smaller diversion % – Removed waste, recycling, research etc Independent registered and accredited environmental body – Independent Trust Board, separate from SITA UK – Distributing funds donated by SITA UK – Current diversion rate 6.2% (reviewed each year) –..but landfill tax @ £56 per tonne

5 North Marianne Ivin, Programmes Co-ordinator Lisa Helyar, Programmes Co-ordinator Jools Granville, Communications Manager Jo Rackham, Regional Fund Manager

6 The Board L-R Jacqui Wheeler, Marek Gordon (Chair), Mike Stroud, Liz Carlisle, Melinda Appleby,

7 ’s funding programmes Enhancing Communities – Funding zones in England, Scotland, Wales Enriching Nature – England only Young Persons Volunteering Fund – England and Wales Queen Elizabeth II Fields Fund – England and Wales

8 Enhancing Communities Supports physical improvements to community facilities and historic buildings Enhancing community life by supporting facilities that are accessible to all, facility must benefit a wide number or range of users, strong emphasis on community access Support for capital projects to provide leisure and recreation facilities Within this programme we have a ‘Core Fund’ supplemented by a popular ‘Fast Track Fund’ Not-for-profit organisations including charities, community groups, local authorities and councils can apply Project site must be within a SITA Trust funding zone

9 Enhancing Communities cont… Core Fund Up to £60,000 Gross project size <£250k Three funding rounds per year (deadlines: Nov, March, July) Fast Track Fund Up to £20,000 Maximum gross project size £40k 60 days from application deadline to notification Six funding rounds per year ( deadlines: Jan, Feb, April, June, Oct)

10 St. John’s Coventry saved from closure

11 Funding zones There are 90 funding zones in England, Scotland and Wales A funding zone is anywhere within 3 miles of a qualifying SITA UK waste processing location Funding zones in this area currently surround sites in: Alnwick, Benwell, Berwick, Blackburn, Blackpool, Byker, Gateshead, Crosby, Denaby, Ellington, Halifax, Hexham, Inverness, Kendal, Kirklees, Manchester, North Tyneside, Path head, Sheffield, South Shields, Stoneyhill (zone is 10 mile ) West Sleekburn. Seghill (until end 2011 only) Postcode checker on

12 Funding Zones: Chesterfield up to Blackpool

13 Funding Zones – North East

14 Funding Zones – Berwick and Scotland



17 Young Persons Volunteering Fund Up to £10,000 towards materials and support for youth-led volunteering to improve facilities or green spaces Young people must design and implement project Project must benefit the whole community Project site can be anywhere in England or Wales

18 Enriching Nature England-wide scheme (10 miles from any landfill) Provides funding for projects that support a UK BAP species or habitat. Provides grant up to £120,000 (no upper project limit) 9 biodiversity regions – 9 regional assessment panels, 9 regional funding ‘pots’ Ultimate funding decision by SITA Trust’s Board Three funding rounds per year, 2010-2012 total fund value £8m (£2.7m per year) Making real impacts, over £20m committed.

19 Enriching nature

20 Queen Elizabeth II Fields Fund In partnership with HRH Prince William and Fields in Trust 2,012 Playing fields will be designated as QEII fields by Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 Designated fields can access £1m improvement fund set up by SITA Trust Grants of up to £25,000 per field Fund opened in 2011

21 How to Apply Visit our website or call us to check project site is in a funding zone. Website postcode checker : Phone: 01454 262910, we provide support Monday – Friday from 8:30am Email any queries: Download and read the application guide for your chosen fund Complete the form online at

22 The application and assessment process Offer of support Shortlisting Dialogue with applicant Assessment Initial AssessmentDialogue with applicant Application Complete and submit application formCompliance checks

23 To recap Funding programmes: Enhancing Communities, 90 funding zones, leisure and recreation facilities. Up to £60k depending on fund Enriching nature, England wide, UK BAP driven, up to £120k Young Persons Volunteering Fund, England and Wales wide, up to £10k for youth groups QEII Fields Fund, up to £25k to improve designated fields Website: Phone: 01454 262910 from 8:30am Monday- Friday Any questions?

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