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What makes one type of essay different from another?

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1 What makes one type of essay different from another?

2 The next step to writing a great essay to support your thesis. Usually, you need three supporting paragraphs and those can be the body paragraphs of the essay. You should organize adequate and specific details. Supporting paragraphs consist of concrete evidence such as examples, direct quotes, and personal experiences, and each supporting paragraph helps to make the essay clearer. Now you have an outline of the essay. Next, you need to arrange an introductory and a concluding paragraph based on the thesis. Using opposing ideas or questions in the introduction and predictions, recommendations and challenges as final comments are ways you can make the essay more interesting and effective. Process Essay Body Paragraph Topic Sentence Step 1 Detail (Example of Step 1) Step 2 Detail (Example of Step 2) Note: The example paragraph below shows only two steps. You need to include as many steps that are needed to complete the paragraph topic that you are writing about. If you follow four easy steps, you will be able to write a competent essay; research your subject well, plan logically, write a great first draft, and proofread for errors.

3 Classification Essay Body Paragraph In the first group, as their name suggests, fast food restaurants are noted for their quick service. These establishments are usually preferred by teenagers and working people. This is because they often have a tight schedule and little or no time to go home and cook. In addition, at these restaurants customers can enjoy a filling meal at a reasonable price. People from all social classes and economic backgrounds can be found eating in fast food restaurants as a result. In addition, the friendly atmosphere of these restaurants attracts them. Supporting this idea is Jones (2009) who states that recent studies show that restaurants are the top favorite place for people to meet with their friends and listen to the latest music while they are eating their meals. Topic Sentence Characteristic 1 Detail (Example of Characteristic 1) Characteristic 2 Detail (Example of Characteristic 2) Characteristic 3 Detail (Example of Characteristic 3) Thesis Statement: All restaurants can be divided to three main groups according to the type of food they serve: fast food, gourmet food and ethnic food.

4 The first group of effects that students preparing for the exam suffer is psychological. Pupils often feel depressed in this preparation period, and according to Jones (2009) students report that they get very sad and feel like the whole world is against them during exam preparation time, and as a consequence, they have lower motivation to do well in the exam. In addition, many students become very pessimistic about everything. They do not see anything positively and feel that they have no chance of passing the exam. Lastly, some students completely give up taking the exam. For example, out of every one-hundrend students scheduled to take an exam, only ninety-five of them take it, which means 5% of all students decided not to take the exam. Cause and Effects Essay Body Paragraph (Effects) Studying for the Turkish university entrance exam affects students in three negative ways; psychologically, physically and socially. Topic Sentence Effect 1 Detail (Example of Effect 1) Effect 2 Detail (Example of Effect 2) Effect 3 Detail (Example of Effect 3)

5 Peers are the final cause of teenage smoking. Young people often want to look, act and dress like their friends, and often in these groups exist friends who already smoke. As such, they copy their smoking friends because they think this behavior will make them cool, and be accepted easier. Moreover, many teenagers feel pressured by their peers to smoke. For example, even if a teenager knows smoking is harmful and has been warned not to do it, he or she may still smoke because of their desire to ‘fit in’ with everyone, not be different and left out. The next thing that peers do is put pressure on their friends to smoke. In his recent study Jones (2009) proved that over 50% of friends ‘tease’ their best friend into doing the same bad behaviours that they are doing. Cause and Effects Essay Body Paragraph (Causes) Topic Sentence Cause 1 Detail (Example of Cause 1) Cause 2 Detail (Example of Cause 2) Cause 3 Detail (Example of Cause 3) Teenagers start to smoke for three wrong reasons; rebelling against society, copying adult examples and peer pressure.

6 At first glance, IEU and Ege universities have a lot in common such as the student profile. First of all, both of them are located in Izmir, and try to attract students from all over the country. They both do this by sending teachers from their schools to visit high schools and attend fairs being held in difference cities around the country, and this means that both schools attract an overall similar student profile. Next we can compare the average age of the students. In a recent poll conducted by Jones (2009) the average age of an IEU student is 22.6, and that is very close to the average student age at EGE which is 22.5. Lastly, both universities have close to the same number of males and females. IEU has a ratio of %53 females to males, whereas EGE has a similar ratio of %51 females to males. Compare and Contrast Essay Body (Similarities) Topic Sentence Similarity 1 Detail (Example of Similarity 1) Similarity 2 Detail (Example of Similarity 2) Similarity 3 Detail (Example of Similarity 3) Although there are a number of differences between Izmir Economy and EGE Universities, the two are very similar on the basis of their reputations, scholarship opportunities and student profiles.

7 Being in different parts of the country, the weather conditions are different in both cities. Izmir, located in the west of Turkey on the Aegean coast, is very hot in the summer. Average temperatures are around 35-38 degrees Celsius. Because of this and the fact it is near the sea Izmir is very popular for summer beach holidays. In the winter, it is very mild with temperatures rarely falling below zero and an average of 8-10 degrees, so if you don’t like really cold winters, it’s a good place to live. Although Istanbul is also very hot in the summer, it is not as hot as Izmir. It is always about 5 degrees cooler than Izmir at on average 30 degrees, but is much more humid. Research conducted by Jones (2009) shows that most tourists find Istanbul to be very uncomfortable and sticky, and this lowers the attractiveness of the city. The biggest difference can be seen in the winter in Istanbul with snow and a lot of rain. Temperatures often fall below zero and very cold weather stays there at least 4 months. Compare and Contrast Essay Body (Differences) Topic Sentence Difference 1 Detail (Example of Difference 1) Difference 2 Detail (Example of Difference 2) Note: The example paragraph below shows only two differences. You however can include as many differences as you can find for each topic. The things that makes the Turkish cities of Istanbul and Izmir very different from each other are their weather, people and opportunities.

8 People should choose love over money because love creates special emotions that gives people memories lasting a lifetime. One memory people have is about the first person they fell in love with. According to recent data from Canada, Jones (2009) reports that 89% of men and women remember who their first love was. Another thing that makes love better than money is the emotion of togetherness. When married couples grow old together it is quite a well known fact that when one elderly person passes away, the spouse quite often also dies within one year, and this is most likely caused by loneliness. Finally, love brings people happiness that they cannot get elsewhere. It is easy to see a person in love because all you have to do is to see the almost permanent smile that never leaves their face, and not even money makes a smile last that long. Argumentative Essay Body (Differences) Topic Sentence Reason 1 Detail (Example of Reason 1) Reason 2 Detail (Example of Reason 2) Reason 3 Detail (Example of Reason 3) There are some people who believe that money is the most important thing in life, however they are wrong because intelligent people choose being in love, which is the most wonderful experience in the world.

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