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Savoring an Essay. Hook Introductory Paragraph Body paragraphs Conclusion.

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1 Savoring an Essay



4 Hook Introductory Paragraph Body paragraphs Conclusion

5 Introductory Paragraph Hook – Should attract the reader (cherry) – Should be short and sweet

6 Some options for the hook Question – don’t make the topic into a question. -don’t answer the question right away Anecdote – keep it short -make sure the connection is made Imagine statement – draw a picture -give specific details Quote – pay attention to punctuation -include who said it Do you have a favorite holiday? My favorite holiday is… BORING!!!

7 Background Information What is it? The information after the hook and before the thesis. Purpose – BUILD UP to the thesis What does the audience need to know about this TOPIC? It’s the link between the hook and thesis statement Will be about 2 – 3 sentences Note: It can sometimes overlap with the hook.

8 Thesis Statement Topic + Focus + 3 reasons Topic – always given to you Focus – what you decide to write about 3 reasons – should support your focus *Thesis should be the last sentence in your introductory paragraph. *Only ONE Sentence.

9 Example Introductory Paragraph

10 Hook As I walk into the store, I am immediately immersed in a world of hearts, pink and red decorations, “I Love You” balloons, teddy bears, red roses, kisses, and chocolates of many flavors. The smiles on people’s faces and the general climate of love remind me that a special day is getting near.

11 Background Information Valentine’s Day is a great holiday that is celebrated once a year. During this time people try to show their loved ones how much they care. It’s a time of love, friendship, romance, and happiness.

12 Thesis Statement My favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day because during this time I remind people that I care about them, I receive chocolates and roses, and I spend time with that special person in my life.

13 Body Paragraphs Transition Topic sentence = reason #1 Explain this specific reason – What do you mean? Give a specific example

14 Body Paragraph To begin with, I love Valentine’s Day because this is a great opportunity to remind people that I care about them. Although I try to do this often, sometimes it’s easy to forget. Since it’s important to constantly make those special people feel loved, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion. Last year I gave notes and flowers to my mom and both of my sisters. The were very surprised and thankful; I made them feel special and loved just through this little gift.

15 Concluding Paragraph Closing transition – In conclusion – To sum it up – Finally Restate thesis – reword differently, can separate into several sentences. End with a punch – tie it to the hook

16 Example To conclude, Valentine’s Day is an awesome holiday! During this day I get to eat lots of chocolates and receive roses. It is also a great opportunity to let others know how special they are. Of course, what makes it most special is that I get to spend time with my sweetheart. As I leave the store, a new feeling of excitement invades me. Love is in the air, an amazing holiday is on the way, and I have new plans to make!

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