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Care Identity Service (CareID) An Introduction for GP Practice Mike Austin Keeley Parker Kerry Barrowclough.

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1 Care Identity Service (CareID) An Introduction for GP Practice Mike Austin Keeley Parker Kerry Barrowclough

2 Contents: What is CareID? Access Control Positions RA Roles E-Learning Go-Live Timetable Next Steps Summary Questions 2


4 What is CareID? One software application; replaces the current Smartcard software systems i.e. Calendra,UIM & Card Management System. Fully electronic workflow system. Modern intuitive design – processes are clearer and navigation more obvious. Use of Access Control Positions 4

5 Access Control Positions (ACP’s) A standard set of pre-authorised role codes (B Codes) to reflect the type of access and functions required not by job title (Healthcare Practitioner rather than Phlebotomist/Physiotherapist etc) A set of fixed access rights for your Pharmacy. A Person can be assigned to more than 1 ACP in order to build up the required system functions. 5

6 Access Control Positions continued Sponsors with B1300 can only assign ACP’s for their own Organisation. Sponsors must be in the ‘Sponsor ACP’ to do this. Assignment of an access position by a Sponsor grants the access immediately without the intervention of the RA Team. The activity codes in an ACP’s can be modified through a Governance process. 6

7 Access Control Positions example High Street Pharmacy Dispensing staff– R8008 High Street Pharmacy Pharmacist– R8010 High Street Pharmacy Sponsor– R8010 High Street Pharmacy Pre-Reg Phamracist 7

8 RA Sponsor RA Agent – ID Checker RA Agent RA Roles 8

9 Raise request for new users. Approve users assignment or directly assign user to any assignable position. View ‘my requests’ and ‘requests pending approval’ lists. Unlock Smartcards & Renew Certificates RA Sponsor 9

10 Allows user to check ID and ‘grant’ the digital identity DOES NOT allow you to print a Smartcard DOES NOT allow you to grant any other RA requests (access) RA Agent ID Checker 10

11 RA Agent Register users Search and view closed users Reopen closed users Assign individuals to ACPs Access reporting and run reports Cancel Smartcard Close user Unlock Smartcards & renew certificates View all requests 11

12 eLearning HSCIC have produced an eLearning package that will enable RA Sponsors and RA Agents to complete IG and scenario led modules. Completing the modules will help you to understand the functionality and processes in CareID To activate your account you need to register by clicking on the following link: https://hscic.premierittask.com Any problems accessing the website please email: 12

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17 Go-Live Considerations Contingency plans in case key staff forget passcodes (do users know their username & password?) Renewal of Certificates if being prompted before the go live date. Sponsors must have a Windows 7 PC. 17

18 Next Steps ACP’s to be made assignable by the Sponsor position. Sponsors to be assigned to ‘Sponsor positions’ for them to grant access to staff. Sponsor Audit 18

19 Summary Calendra, UIM & Card Management close on 28 th November. CareID go-live to be announced by HSCIC. Please complete the eLearning modules Further communications will be made when updates are receieved. 19

20 Any Questions 20

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