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Digital Certificate Installation & User Guide For Class - 2 Certificates.

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1 Digital Certificate Installation & User Guide For Class - 2 Certificates

2 Digital Certificate Installation & User Guide For Class - 2 Certificates Open the site

3  In order to enroll for and manage your digital certificates, you will need to register for a user account.  Go to the Digital Certificate Enrollment page on the ATTPL website.  Click the ‘New User? Register’ link

4 Note: email ID@ is different from email ID  This is your account registration page.  Detailed instructions follow. > Enter your Name, Email, preferred User ID & Password > Ensure that you remember the User ID & Password as you will need this information to access your account > Type of User » This maybe Individual, Company or Government, depending on the entity for which a certificate is needed. The verification procedure (and supporting documents required) will be different for each.

5 You will need to download your certificate onto the same machine where you perform Step-1 of enrollment.




9 Enrollment Checklist Before proceeding with the digital certificate enrollment process, please read the following carefully: System Requirements Ensure that the following system requirements are met: Operating System: Windows NT, 2000, XP Browser: Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6.0 Browser Settings: Active-X controls need to be enabled in your Internet browser. In order to ensure this, please do the following: Open a browser window Go to Tools >> Internet Options >> Security Click 'Default Settings' and set to 'Medium' Enrollment Instructions When you enroll for a digital certificate, cryptographic keys are generated and stored on your machine. (In case you're using a Smart Card or a USB Token, the keys are generated and stored on the card/token). Ownership of these keys forms the basis of your digital identity for digital signatures and encryption applications. During Enrollment you will need to specify the Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) to be used for generation of your key pair. The Indian IT Act stipulates that you use 1024 bit length keys. In case your browser does not support 1024 bit keys, you will need to update it with relevant patches. Choose the appropriate CSP depending on where you plan to store your private key: For generating the Key Pair on Internet Explorer (IE): Select the Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP). You will need to select from one of the two Microsoft CSP's. The Microsoft Enhanced CSP is recommended. For generating the Key Pair on Netscape: Select the length of the Key Pairs generated. Select the 1024 bit-length option. For generating the Key Pair on a Hardware Device: If you are using a special hardware device such as a smart card, please select the appropriate CSP as directed by the manufacturer. Until your certificate is generated and downloaded successfully, you will not be able to access these keys for use or for backup purposes. It is therefore extremely important to ensure the following until your certificate is downloaded successfully: For IE Users: Do not format your machine or do not change any system settings. Do not re-install or upgrade your internet browser after enrollment



12 * You Email ID is especially important in the context of digital certificates. Please ensure that you enter it correctly. *If an incorrect/invalid Email ID is provided, you will NOT be able to download /use your certificate. Write ‘DELHI’ / Name of City, *Please do not mention local address here

13 * Make sure you choose Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider V1.0 Important: Email is different from Please make sure you are giving a valid Email ID

14 * If you have given a correct Email ID then Click ‘OK or Cancel to change it




18 * Click here to print ‘Enrollment Form’


20 * Print of This ‘Enrollment Form’ Page and Submit along with your other Application form

21 Download Of Digital Certificate

22  Logon to the machine from which you submitted your online request.  Go to the Digital Certificate enrollment page on the ATTPL website.  Click the ‘Download Certificate’ link on the page that comes up.

23  Enter your User ID and Password to login to your account for certificate download. Note: If you do not remember your User ID and/or Password, please contact your RA Digital Certificates | Download your Certificate Login to your User Account

24  In order to download your certificate, you will need to perform Step-4 in the Certificate Management Center


26 Enter your PIN number and click Download Enter The PIN Here

27 Once you download your certificate, you can verify whether it has been successfully downloaded by doing the following:  Open an Internet Explorer window  Go to Tools  Internet Options  Content  Certificates  View the list of certificates – you should be able to see a certificate containing your name on it. Digital Certificates | Verification

28 Process to Create Backup of Digital Certificate

29 Exporting of Digital Certificate. As the Certificate is Worth Rs.2000 as soon as the Certificate is downloaded you have to Export the Certificate to create the Backup so that it can be kept if CD, Pen Drive or Email Id.The Process for Export of Digital Certificate is as follows 1. Open Internet Explorer – Click on Tools – Click on Internet Option -- Click on Content – Click on Certificate – Click the certificate to select for export. 2. Click on the Export Button 3. Click on Next Button 4. Select Yes Export the Private Key and Click on Next Button. 5. Check the Box Include all certificate in the certification path if possible and Enable Strong Protection. WARNING!!! Do not Check “Delete the Private Key if the export is successful?” Then click on Next Button. 6. Enter the Password for Export and confirm it and then click on Next. 7. Click on Browse Button. Select the Location where you want to save the Certificate, Give the File Name and finally click on Save Button. Then finally click on Next Button. 8. Click on Finish Button. 9. Click on OK Button. You will get a message “The export was successful”. 10. Take the Backup of Exported file by storing in CD / Pen Drive / Email Id. Import of Digital Certificate. To import the Exported File to Internet Explorer. 1. Double Click on the Exported File of Digital Certificate. 2. Click on the Next Button. 3. Again Click on Next Button. 4. Enter the Password which you had given at the time of Export and check both the boxes Enable Strong Private Key Protection and Mark the Private Key as Exportable and Finally click on Next Button. 5. Again Click on Next Button. 6. Click on Finish Button. You will get a message “The Import was Successful “

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