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The ‘Greening’ of Aviation - the final justification for airport expansion - Deepak Rughani Biofuelwatch.

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1 The ‘Greening’ of Aviation - the final justification for airport expansion - Deepak Rughani Biofuelwatch

2 Anti-aviation; concern for our future Climate change protesters demonstrate against the expansion of London's Heathrow airport. Photograph: Alessia Pierdomenico/Reuters Plane Stupid: Photograph: Alessia Pierdomenico/Reuters Boris backs City Airport expanBoris backs City Airport expanPosted September12th 2008, Richard/5 Plane Stupid: Photograph, Getty

3 Balance Sheet - GHG emissions & climate change Noxious gases Noise TPR Demand 500m in 2030 or 410m flights/year or 360m + (?) Contribution to GDP - infrastructure - travel Mobility Jobs

4 All bases covered? Damian Carrington New scientist environmental blog Medical University of South Carolina Corbis Collection: Imageshop Photo:

5 Two ‘green promises’ 1.Fuel efficiency IATA have created the “Clearer Vision, Clearer Skies” website

6 Two ‘green promises’ 2.Biofuels Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group, Sept 2008 EU RED legislation: Biofuels in aviation fuel counts towards 10% EU renewable energy target in transport fuels

7 So far, biofuels legitimise… Car manufacturers to repeal EU vehicle emission standards from 120g/km to 130g/km For DfT to continue road expansion Soon…Could biofuels validate airport expansion?

8 Investment Vast sums Oil Biotech companies Airlines Aircraft manufacturers, Government agencies (particularly in Venture capitalists: large sums into research


10 More Creative Accounting! Underestimate Nitrous Oxide Emissions Crutzen et al Rapeseed biodiesel = 1-1.7 times Ethanol from sugar beet leaves = 1.5-2.4 times Include Reduced Land-Use-Change for Co-Products!! Agricultural spraying. From Colorado State University Environmental Health Advanced Systems LaboratoryEnvironmental Health Advanced Systems Laboratory nvironment- book/groundwatercontamination.html



13 Ignore Land Expropriation Military control, Colombia Expropriation by arson, Paraguay

14 Deforestation for oil palms, Colombia Fires to clear land for palm oil, Kalimantan Photo by Nordin, Save our Borneo Ignore Ecosystem Loss

15 Risks of large-scale ecosystem collapse African Palm in Indonesia GHGs from deforestation contribute 20% global GHG emissions (IPCC AR4) 70,000 fires burn in Amazon, September 2007. NASA

16 Tractor runs, refining, transportation, Fertilizers, pesticides etc Sink release: Forest burning, peat/soil oxidation - 40% ? GHG reduction 10-fold ? = 1000% carbon increase Micro- vs. Macro- Life-Cycle Impacts of Agro-Biofuels Fossil Fuel Diesel & Petroleum + 50% / +70% N2O emissions underestimated by 50-150% + Acceleration of climate feedbacks e.g. dehydration High Risk of Ecosystem Collapse + + Ongoing lost capacity to sequester CO2



19 Air New Zealand, Boeing, Rolls Royce and UOP Over the Christmas Break Air New Zealand, Boeing, Rolls Royce and UOP conducted a test flight where one engine on a Boeing 747- 400 ran on a 50:50 blend of Jatropha and Jet Fuel.


21 Continental Airlines On 7th Jan 09 Continental Airlines did a test flight with a plane using, in one of the plane’s two engines, biofuel fuel derived from algae and jatropha plants JetBlue Airways is preparing for an Airbus A320- 200 trial by spring 2010. Feedstocks being considered for the trial include jatropha, algae, and waste forest residues.Airbus A320- 200 Most research into algae involves genetically engineering new species using synthetic biology

22 Military L-29 military aircraftL-29 military aircraft, Czechoslovakia Aero L-29 Delfín Military training 50% fuel for lower 48 US states from domestic ‘non oil sources’ by 2016

23 Alternatives to Kerosene 1. Fischer Tropsch gas & coal gasification > syngas > aviation fuel (2008, Sasoil had coal-to-liquids fuel certified for aviation) 2 Fischer Tropsch biomass gasification > syngas > aviation fuel 3 Now pyrolysis of biomass > bio-oil and syngas > (+ biochar/charcoal) > Fischer Tropsch > aviation fuel



26 Biofuels get Political Endorsement… Geoff Hoon “One of the big challenges that many of you are embracing is to make commercial aviation biofuels a reality within five years and a major fuel source by 2050.”

27 Hey Presto! Lord Turner said that biofuels could allow UK climate targets to be met even if aviation expansion, including a Heathrow Third Runway, went ahead. Job done!

28 Anti-Biofuel Protests… Anti-Agrofuels: concern for our future

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