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Welcome! Mariana Dyakova, Sofia Ribeiro, Louise Boyle.

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1 Welcome! Mariana Dyakova, Sofia Ribeiro, Louise Boyle

2 PROGRAMME FOR TODAY TimeTopic 9:15 – 10:15Young Forum Gastein Workshop “Dragons’ Den” Part 1 Preparatory session for the Dragons’ Den Panel on Friday 10:15 -10:45YFG in a Nutshell Presentation 1 “An insight into the World Health Organization”, Paula Gutierrez 10:45 -11:15European Parliament Mock Hearing Preparation Question preparation, in four political groups 11:00 -11:15Coffee available 11:15 -12:15 European Parliament Mock Hearing with Dr Marc Sprenger, Director ECDC 12:30 – 14:30Opening Plenary 14:30 – 15:00YFG Informal Meeting 1 with Director General SANCO Paola Testori Coggi 18:00 – 18:30YFG Poster Presentation Session

3 YFG Workshop 2013


5 TV (BBC) show allowing several entrepreneurs an opportunity to present their innovative business ideas to a panel of wealthy investors, the "Dragons", and pitch for financial investment offering a stake of the company in return.

6 The entrepreneurs… YOU INNOVATIONS Health Savings Accounts to penalise the unhealthy Healthcare DIY (Do It Yourself) Putting observational data to work 3D stem cell printer for human heart One touch health cards Personal health clouds

7 The contents... Innovation: What is it? Where is it applicable to? Why do we need it? Who is it for? When will it be implemented? How will it be implemented? Milestones: what would these be along the way towards the implementation of your innovation? Barriers: what would the obstacles be? What are the upsides? What are the downsides? What are the policy recommendations you would make and what could you do to address any concerns people might have? Why is this innovation in the public interest?

8 Short engaging presentation Capture & Convince Added value YFG rules All methods /means allowed Everybody can participate All pitches to be provided in advance 4 min

9 The presentation…

10 The criteria… 1.Desirability of health innovation – 5 points 2.Likelihood of health innovation being realised – 5 points 3.Quality of elevator pitch presentation – 5 points 4.Extra points at judges discretion – 5 points All innovations deemed suitable will be taken forward and drafted into recommendations for the Futurium output document to be created during 2014 by DG CONNECT, which will be presented to the new European Commissioner for Communications Networks, Content & Technology.



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