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2 Saint-Petersburg International Аutomotive Forum Successful business event, which is visited by major specialists of the industry Participants of the congress:350 specialists Participants of the exhibition:50 companies Media-support:30 information partners, 35 media, 45 journalists 2

3 The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Government of St. Petersburg Official support «St. Petersburg International Аutomotive Forum – the venue for dialogue between business and state authorities for the successful development of the automotive complex of St. Petersburg. The Committee of transport invites all participants to visit automotive companies of St. Petersburg, where we are ready to consider your technology in real life» Alexander Vorob’ev Chairman, Committee of transport, Government of St. Petersburg 3

4 24 October 2013 Plenary session «Modern tendencies of development of the automotive industry in Russian Federation» Official Opening Conference: «R&D centers in the automotive industry» Exit session. Organizer: TS Atelier Conference: «Intelligent transport systems» Round table: «High-technology structure – the key for social and economic development of regions of Russian Federation» 25 October 2013 Conference: «Transport safety» Conference: «Vehicles of the future» Panel discussion: «Gas as a motor fuel – the future of development of automotive industry in Russia: goals, problems, development» Press-conference «Gazprom gazomotornoe toplivo», LLC Presentation by STORK LLC Conference: «Road safety» » Round table: «Automotive transport on gas fuel» Presentations by «Continental», LLC Business program 4

5 Representatives from 8 countries: USA, Poland, Slovakia, Finland, Germany, Ukraine, China, Netherlands SAE International Automotive Industry Association of Slovak Republic ESEDU UMS POLIESTER Consulate General of the Republic of Poland E. ON Global Commodities SE KING LONG RUS RDW International participation 5

6 «Modern tendencies of development of the automotive industry in Russian Federation» The market of motor fuel in Saint Petersburg. Prospects of development Gazprom gazomotornoe toplivo, LLC Role of Technical Societies as Partners of Industry SAE International, USA Automotive Industry of Slovak Republic Automotive Industry Association of Slovak Republic «Integrated use of satellite monitoring in the trucking industry» CEO of Russian Navigation Technologies JSC «Computer engineering in automotive industry» Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University Anchor: Sergey Bakhmutov, Deputy CEO for Science FSUE «NAMI» Plenary session 6

7 «R&D centers in the automotive industry» Themes: Creation and development of R&D centers (NSTU, FSUE «NAMI», MAMI, Engeneering Centre «KAMAZ», Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University) Metalworking and mechanical engineering cluster (Pooli+), internationalization of companies. Finnish experience Testing new products by KAMAZ Gruzomobil as as experimental production platform Special economic areas: opportunity for establishing R&D centres, JSC «OEZ» Conclusions: It is necessary to: – search of partners for research – attracting investors R & D – engaging of young scientists and specialists to organize regular conferences on the theme of R&D consolidating authority in the industry the Memorandum on R&D in the sub-industry Anchor: Vladimir Kulemin Director of Engeneering Centre «KAMAZ», PhD, MBA Conference 7

8 «Intelligent transport systems» Themes: Vehicle connectivity within Intelligent Transportation Systems, SAE International Intelligent transport systems in Russia: requirement and reality Creation of intellectual transport system on the roads of the metropolis. The experience of JSC “NIS” in realization of projects Time management system Conclusions: development of Intelligent transport systems in large cities - the uncontested solution for the creation of effective and sustainable transport system systematization of training integrated safety is impossible without the intelligent transport systems the proportionality of financing the development of intelligent transport systems, transport construction and reconstruction Anchor: Andrei Gorev St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Professor Conference 8

9 «Vehicles of the future» Themes: Future Automotive Propulsion Systems Advanced standardization as an instrument of increasing competitiveness Implementation of R&D projects in application of electric vehicles Realization of the Russian program of development of charging infrastrucure for electric vehicles Pilotless vehicles Russian automobile market structure Design car of the future Conclusions: development of a legal framework development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles improvement of propulsion systems Anchor: Tatiana Ksenevich Editor in chief of e-portal "Russian Engineer" Conference 9

10 Themes: Transport safety in educational program of ESEDU. Finnish experience International standard ISO 39001:2012 – system of management of transport safety The principles of the system organization of traffic safety activity on the motor transport the reasons for the growth of accident rate Conclusions: it is necessary to improve the system organization of traffic safety activity on the motor transport take note of the Finnish experience in driver training take note of the information that quality control of vehicles deteriorated approve the work of ZAO «Bureau Veritas Rus», which introduces on the Russian automobile companies safety management systems traffic and to recommend to the conference participants Anchor: Igor Chernyaev Head of the Chair of Vehicles’ technical operation SPSUACE Conference «Road safety» 10

11 Themes: Innovation technologies for supplying of transport safety – International standards ISO 28000 Safety assurance of population on the automotive transport Management of environmental safety Education as the main aspect of reset in the transport safety system Conclusions: to develop the system of education in the field of creation and use of means of transport safety, using foreign experience Resolved (by Russian register) to offer the Korean side make the certification of the products according to the rules of the Russian Federation. To make a proposal to the Government of St. Petersburg on the use of elastic road protections Anchor: Alexandr Pivovarov Professor, Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping «Transport safety»» Conference 11

12 Themes: Co-organizer Prospects of using gas as a motor fuel The problems existing with realization of the Program on the transition of public transport vehicles to natural gas fuel Effective instruments of financing of gas fuel projects Experience in technical service of vehicles on gas fuel Gas Motor Fuel Infrastructure - Successful Examples of CNG & LNG Infrastructure Solutions Anchor: Viktor Zuker Editor in chief Publishing house «Marine Petersburg» Panel discussion «Gas as a motor fuel – the future of development of automotive industry in Russia: goals, problems, development» 12

13 Round table Themes: Co-organizer Leasing suggestions for development of infrastructure of gas motor fuel Organizing service for gas motor fuel vehicles Gas motor equipment Blue Power – Dizel. Exploitation experience in extreme conditions High pressure balloons – dangerous elements of gas fuel systems The experience of foreign countries (for example China) Conclusions: It is necessary to develop service NGVs It is necessary to pay more attention to certification of components for NGVs Participants of the round table agreed on the appropriate appeal to the Government of the Russian Federation market of passenger transportations is ready to move on gas, but requires a special approach Anchor: Valentin Shumovskiy Head of Department of gas and energy events «ExpoForum-International» 13 «Automotive transport on gas fuel»

14 WE THANK OUR PARTNERS GRUZOMOBIL Gazprom Gazomotornoye Toplivo Sberbank Leasing The automobile corporate organization is an authorized dealer of well-known brands such as KAMAZ, Mercedes Benz, ISUZU, NEFAZ, HIDROMEK. The company has been operating since 1999. The corporation is a major multibrand for-profit machinery supplier in Northwest Federal District. Co-organizer of the business program: Round table: «Automotive transport on gas fuel» Panel discussion: «Gas as a motor fuel – the future of development of automotive industry in Russia: goals, problems, development» Universal company, representing their services on the Russian leasing market since 1993. The company is one of the leaders in the industry and is in the TOP 3 (by Expert RA Rating Agency) 14

15 Saint-Petersburg International Аutomotive Forum 2014 15 October 20 – 23, 2014 Welcome!

16 Contacts Dmitry Karpov Phone/fax: +7 (812) 240 40 40 ext. 282 Mob.: +7 (921) 796 77 14 e-mail: Elina Tsyrkul Phone/fax: +7 (812) 240 40 40 ext. 207 Mob.: +7 (921) 593 63 75 e-mail: 16


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