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International Eurasian forum TAXI August, 8-9, 2013 Saint-Petersburg.

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1 International Eurasian forum TAXI August, 8-9, 2013 Saint-Petersburg

2 International Eurasian forum TAXI 2 Prerequisites for International Eurasian forum taxi conduction In the Eurasian space: taxi services market in Russia and other former soviet republics has not been regulated for a long time Nowadays there are state taxi operation regulatory systems being launched or improved throughout the whole post soviet space Modern society, government and business are interested in raising quality and intensive development of taxi national systems Creating an international platform for discussing issues of current importance and finding reasonable solutions Economical development and financial integration of Eurasian national taxi industries Aims of the Forum

3 International Eurasian forum TAXI Forums participants Intergovernmental, federal and regional authorities of the Eurasian space states Municipalities of the large cities and touristic centres Professional unions Taxi business companies Automobile manufacturers Specialized equipment manufacturers and software developers Financial and insurance companies Manufacturers and special services and equipment distributors

4 International Eurasian forum TAXI Geography of the Event More than 40 regions 11 world countries

5 International Eurasian forum TAXI International conference ( business programme) Taxi industry exhibition Protocolary arrangements of the professional taxi unions of the Russian Federation 5 Forums format

6 International Eurasian forum TAXI Major goals of the Exhibition Displaying automobile platforms, newest technologies and solutions, specialized equipment, informational products in the sphere of taxi Presenting financial, insurance, educational and other services for taxi industry as well as regional development projects Organizing annual contracts signing to consolidate order of automobiles and equipment for taxi business

7 International Eurasian forum TAXI Forums Business programme structure First day, August, 8, 2013 Plenary Session «State policy in the sphere of passenger taxi» Working session I «Taxi in a modern megalopolis» Working session II «Conducting business in taxi industry» Part 1 «Taxi technical facilities» Part 2 «Financial services»

8 International Eurasian forum TAXI Forums Business programme structure Second day, August, 9, 2013 Discussion «Colour unification of the taxi fleet: business solutions and regional practice of law regulations» Discussion «Fight with illegal carrying: issues and perspectives» Discussion «Solving manpower issues as a way to raise quality standards of the services provided» Discussion «Issues of taxi industry provision of appropriate city infrastructure objects»

9 International Eurasian forum TAXI 196191 Saint-Peterburg, Leninsky prospect 168, POB 59 Application form can be filled out on our website: www. TAXI FAIR

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