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Vocabulary Unit 4.

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1 Vocabulary Unit 4

2 alliance (al li ance) Definition – (n) a joining together for some common purpose On the reality show “Survivor,” some of the people form an alliance in hopes of winning the million dollars.

3 bewilder (be wil der) Definition – (v) to puzzle completely, confuse
Does Goofy appear to look bewildered?

4 buffoon (buf foon) Definition - (n) a clown
Do not become the class buffoon.

5 controversial (con tro ver sial)
Definition – (adj) arousing argument, or disagreement Religion and politics are controversial topics.

6 dishearten (dis heart en)
Defiinition - (v) to discourage Do not let your team’s losses dishearten you.

7 fruitless (fruit less)
Definition – (adj) not producing the desired results, unsuccessful His effort proved fruitless in his search for his lost dog.

8 hostile (hos tile) Definition – (adj) unfriendly; unfavorable; warlike
The prosecutor at the trial called a hostile witness to the stand.

9 inflammable (in flam ma ble)
Definition – (adj) easily set on fire; easily angered Flammable and inflammable mean the same thing.

10 inflict (in flict) Definition – (v) to give or cause something unpleasant A snake bite will inflict pain.

11 malignant (ma lig nant)
Definition – (adj) deadly, extremely harmful, evil Is this mole on your skin malignant?

12 mortify (mor ti fy) Definition – (v) to hurt someone’s feelings deeply; to cause embarrassment This outfit might mortify you if you had to wear it.

13 orthodox (or tho dox) Definition – (adj) in agreement with established or generally accepted beliefs or ways of doing things This novel is about a family who raised their girls in orthodox ways.

14 procure (pro cure) Definition – (v) to obtain through special effort; to bring about The cowboys wanted to procure more land for their cattle.

15 scurry (scur ry) Definition – (v) to run quickly, scamper, hurry
This mouse knows how to scurry when he needs to get away quickly.

16 sodden (sod den) Definition – (adj) soaked with liquid or moisture, expressionless, dull The bread was sodden with gravy.

17 spirited (spir it ed) Definition – (adj) full of life and vigor, courageous The spirited horse led the parade.

18 virtual (vir tu al) Definition – (adj) having a certain force or effect in fact but not in name; so close as to be equivalent to the real thing The children were in awe as they stared at the virtual fish tank.

19 void Definition – (adj) completely empty; (n) empty or unfilled space (v) to cancel or nullify Why would you void a check?

20 wayward (way ward) Definition – (adj) disobedient, willful; unpredictable . Wayward boys were sent to the camp when they broke the law.

21 wince Definition – (v) to draw back suddenly, as though in pain or fear; (n) the act of drawing back in this way I could see her wince in pain when the needle pricked her skin.

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