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Unit 4 Vocabulary “The Buffoons” - A painting by Marianne Aulie.

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1 Unit 4 Vocabulary “The Buffoons” - A painting by Marianne Aulie

2 Alliance (noun) Definition: A joining together for some common purpose. Synonyms: pact, league, coalition Antonyms: rift, split

3 An alliance of cool cats, playing cool music.

4 Bewilder (verb) Definition: To puzzle or confuse completely. Synonyms: baffle, perplex Antonyms: enlighten, teach

5 Bewildering: Can you find “the hidden tiger” in this illusion?

6 Buffoon (noun) Definitions: (1)A clown; (2)A jester; (3)A coarse, stupid person. Synonyms: fool, goofball Noun Form: buffoonery

7 Controversial (adjective) Definition: Describing anything that arouses argument, dispute, or disagreement. Synonyms: arguable, debatable Noun Form: controversy

8 These are some very controversial topics to avoid during polite conversation.

9 Dishearten (verb) Definition: To discourage. Synonyms: dismay, demoralize, dispirit Antonyms: encourage, hearten Adjective Form: disheartening

10 What happened to dishearten these athletes?

11 Fruitless (adjective) Definitions: 1.Describing something not producing the desired results; 2. Unsuccessful Synonyms: useless, unproductive Antonyms: productive, effective, successful Adjective Form: fruitlessly The Titanic had a fruitless journey resulting in disaster.

12 Hostile (adjective) Definitions: (1)Unfriendly; (2) Unfavorable; (3) Warlike, aggressive. Antonyms: friendly, peaceful Noun Form: hostility

13 This man has an extremely hostile countenance.

14 Inflict (verb) Definitions: (1)To give or cause something unpleasant; (2) To impose. Synonyms: suffer, undergo Noun Form: infliction Both inflict suffering!

15 Malignant (adjective) Definition: Deadly, harmful, evil, spiteful. Synonyms: lethal, wicked Antonyms: benign, beneficial Noun Form: malignancy malignant anger malignant skin cancer

16 Malignant This word is usually used when discussing cancer: A malignant tumor (a malignancy) is cancerous and is sometimes deadly. A benign tumor is non-cancerous and usually easily treatable.

17 Bart is well-known for his malignant personality on The Simpsons.

18 Mortify (verb) Definitions: (1)To hurt someone’s feelings in a humiliating way; (2) To discipline one’s self by denial or self-inflicted punishment; (3) archaic: describing a body part afflicted with gangrene. Synonyms: embarrass, humiliate Noun Form: mortification

19 This is one way to mortify a teenager!

20 Scurry (verb) Definition: To run quickly, scamper, hurry. Synonyms: rush, dash, scramble Antonyms: trudge, plod, creep, shamble

21 Both children and squirrels are known for their ability to scurry!

22 Spirited (adjective) Definitions: (1)Full of life and energy; (2)Brave, courageous Synonyms: animated, lively, excited Antonyms: lifeless, dull, lackluster spiritless Both cheerleaders and soldiers are known for their spirited natures.

23 Void (noun, verb) Definitions: (1)Noun: Completely empty; (2)Noun: An unfilled space; (3) Noun: An emotional emptiness; (4)Verb: To cancel or nullify. Synonyms: vacancy, emptiness Outer space has vast voids.

24 One must void checks to be certain they are not improperly cashed.

25 There’s been a void in my heart ever since my beloved grandmother passed away.

26 Wayward (adjective) Definition: Disobedient, willful, unpredictable Antonyms: docile, well-behaved Noun Form: waywardness

27 Only a wayward student would worry about a teacher who could read lips!

28 Wince (verb, noun) Definitions: 1. Verb: To draw back suddenly, as if in pain or fear 2. Noun: The act of drawing back in this way Synonyms: flinch, shudder Is Ms. Hart’s humor making this person wince?

29 Hillary Clinton, a former First Lady and presidential candidate, winces.

30 Jokes That Make Me Wince: Knock-Knocks

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