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USS Liberty, a pictorial story Donald W Pageler.

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1 USS Liberty, a pictorial story Donald W Pageler



4 In the Atlantic from Norfolk to Africa The Ivorian hotel in Abidjan


6 Approach- ing Naval Base, Rota, Spain Dock at Naval Base, Rota, Spain Don Pageler on Liberty with Sub tender & Submarine in background


8 XO Lt Commander Armstong in cabin XO Lt Commander Armstrong,Chiefs Lambert, Benkert & Smith. Armstrong & Smith died.

9 Captain McGonagle sunbathing about a few hours before attack

10 One of the reconna issance flights in AM before attack Mach- ine gun tub before attack Israeli Mirage jet during attack Don Pageler with 2 of the 820+ rocket holes

11 Ensign David Lucas with rocket holes Captain McGon- agle on bridge with rocket hole Battle damage

12 Herb Peetoom near afterstering entrance with rocket holes 2 of 820+ rocket holes in aft bulkhead on main deck

13 Port side looking aft. TRSSCOMM in background of left picture Rocket holes in deck plates

14 Rocket holes in Starboard side of bridge Starboard midship 50 cal. gun mount with rocket hole. Missing ships whaleboat burnt by napalm fire. Starboard, looking forward. Missing boat & rocket holes on bridge. Damaged ladder

15 Bridge as seen from helicopter. Ship riddled with over 820 rocket holes Looking aft from forecastle at super- structure Rocket holes, port side

16 Star- board side of bridge Paint chipped from bridge by machine gun fire, upper left. Antenna mount with rocket holes on right. Looking aft at paint chipped on bridge Rocket holes on star- board wing.

17 Crewman blown from forward starboard gun mount by rocket blast Forward starboard gun mount. USS Davis sailing along side with antiaircraft gun in background

18 Dr. Kiepfer’s state room with rocket holes Capt McGonagle’s cabin with rocket holes Rocket hole in Lt Golden’s cabin

19 Rock- et hole in main mast Rocket holes in antenna mounts Rocket holes in forward port gun tub

20 Battle damageBattle damage Damaged ladderDamaged ladder Exit hole. Rocket passed through ship Rocket holes in bulkhead, main deck


22 Life rafts scorched by napalm Port side midship gun mount burnt by napalm Port side main deck life raft rack & bulkhead burnt by napalm

23 Napalm fire damage port side Napalm fire damage signal bridge Napalm fire damage port side midship gun tub, TRSS- COMM in background

24 Capt McGonagle (shrapnel in leg) on bridge with Lt. Painter. Wounded in battle dressing station on mess deck

25 Glenn Bloxham, Gene Kirk & others observe badly wounded in battle dressing station on mess deck. Corpsman tends to wounded sailor


27 Israeli torpedo boat during attack

28 Lt John Scott inspects shoring built to keep flooded compartment from collapsing Air ducts damaged by torpedo explosion


30 After a long night, help finally arrives the following day. USS Davis & USS Massey come along side

31 USS Davis highline transfer of supplies to Liberty USS Davis sails along side Liberty

32 Pictures of Liberty taken from USS America

33 Wounded leaving Liberty on helicopter Wounded arriving USS America


35 Lt Commander Dave Lewis was temporarily blinded by torpedo blast Dave Lewis with doctor on USS America Don Harold with doctor on USS America George Wilson on evacuation flight

36 Walking wounded attending Memorial Ceremony on USS America Press Conference on USS America

37 Memorial Ceremony on USS America


39 USS Liberty seen from USS America View looking forward showing 13 degree list

40 USS Liberty arriving Malta Tip of torpedo hole in starboard side

41 Tip of torpedo hole seen at water line

42 Tip of torpedo hole covered for security Tip of torpedo hole with scuba divers

43 Torpedo hole seen from dock during dry dock (water removed) 40 ft torpedo hole during dry dock. Most of hole below water line. Note shipmate standing in hole

44 Torpedo hole seen from inside during dry dock

45 Cleanup of torpedoed compart- ment

46 Cleanup of torpedoed compartment

47 Part of cleanup crew resting Don Pageler after 2 days of cleanup. Removing remains of 25 dead shipmates leaves lasting scars, resulting in PTSD 20 years later.

48 Casket being loaded in Malta These men did not come home alive


50 Stern view from air upon return to Little Creek Stern view of normal steaming colors, Israelis claim they could not see. During attack over- sized Holiday colors were raised to replace damaged flag.

51 USS Liberty returns to Little Creek


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