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MV BERING ID Inspected in port Shanghai from 26 th to 28 th Sept. 2013 by NCL.

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1 MV BERING ID Inspected in port Shanghai from 26 th to 28 th Sept. 2013 by NCL

2 Forward side view accommodation ladder After view port side ships hull view

3 Port side Load line mark view Isolating valve inspected in order Fresh water filling pipe secured

4 After winch well maintained After winch clutch level securing pin in place After mooring line well maintained poop deck garbage station

5 Poop deck bulkhead cracked coating Oxygen bottles well stored Well treated by ground and touch up Air pipe valve hand wheel corroded s main deck in way of No.5 ch well maintained

6 No.5 H s coaming view log stanchion s of no.5 hold maintained Main deck s of No.5,4 H well maintained step in cross deck of No.5,4 corroded

7 No.4 mast house view No.5 CH condition No.5 cargo hold condition

8 No.5 cargo hold condition view

9 No.4 cargo hold condition view


11 No.4 H s coaming well maintained No.4 H s main deck well maintained

12 S side bulwark well maintained cross deck no.3,4 partly rusted No.3 H s comaing load stanchion s of No.3 h maintained

13 Log stanchion s of No.3 H maintained bulwark stiffener s of No.3 H corroded No.2 cargo hold condition view



16 Cross deck No.2,3 partly rusted Main deck s of No.2 H maintained Log stanchion s of No.2 H well maintained Main deck s of No.2 H well maintained

17 Main deck s of No.1 H well maintained log stanchion s of no.1 H well maintained Cross deck fore of No.1 H partly rusted Star board side windlass view

18 Port side windlass view forecastle deck maintained Forecastle deck maintained Echo sounder in good order

19 Dewater system control panel Autopilot station in order Accommodation stair conditoin officer washing machines station in order

20 Ship Ship Ship office condition officer bathing room Office WC condition Office WC room condition

21 Galley room condition Office mess room condition office mess room condition

22 Office room sofa condition accommodation alleyway Crew WC crew bath device condition

23 Gymnasium view crew washing machines Port side Life raft view Bridge deck starboard side view

24 Bridge deck star board view star board side life raft Crew WC washing basin Crew staff bath device

25 Aux. Boiler top view Engine Grounding machine in work shop ME top view

26 Incinerator view ME exhaust manifold Spare parts store room spare parts store room

27 New purifier control panel new Al Cap purifier installed in May 2013 AE fuel oil flow meter ME fuel oil flow meter

28 New purifier feed oil pump Main air compressor AE condition

29 AE tank top condition view AE condition view AE AE AE tank top condition view ME port side scavenging deck view

30 ME area tank top condition view ME port side view Bilge water pump and pipe view storm valve condition view

31 O.W.S condition view Engine room tank top condition view OWS over boat valve ME port side view

32 Engine room MGP control panel Quick close valve control station Aux. Boiler exhaust pipe wasted Engine room funnel condition Which repaired by ship staff

33 Funnel damper operation tested in order Engine vent damper tested in order Batter for GMDSS in order life boat inspected in order

34 Life boat engine tested in order incinerator tested in order Deck crane inspected in order crane in side in cleaning condition

35 Crane in side fire extinguishers to be inspected P side of No.1 H deck and stanchion maintained No.1 CH condition view

36 No1 cargo hold condition view No.1 cargo hold condition view


38 No.3 Cargo hold condition view No.3 cargo hold condition view



41 No.3 H lower side view S side life boat launched in water Deck crane hook condition view ME exhaust valve reconditioned

42 ME exhaust valve seat reconditioned Sopep materials inspected in order Deck crane slewing bearing measure tools Ship ready for departure

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