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Tulsa Fuel & Manufacturing Superfund Site Proposed Plan for Site Cleanup.

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1 Tulsa Fuel & Manufacturing Superfund Site Proposed Plan for Site Cleanup

2 Site Location Located 1.3 miles south of downtown Collinsville 60 acres Bounded by: –Garnett/RR to east –Strip mine pit to south –Acreage to west –Faith Assembly Church to north

3 Site History 1914-1925: Active Zinc Smelter and Lead Roaster 1999: Listed on the National Priority List (NPL) 2008: Record of Decision (ROD) issued February 2, 2015: Proposed Plan announced

4 Areas that Require Cleanup Pink - areas that require cleanup Green - areas that do not require cleanup COCs include arsenic, cadmium, and lead

5 Proposed Plan for Cleanup Consolidation and capping of soil, sediment, and waste materials on-site Remedy will not include: 1.Five-foot vertical separation between waste and groundwater 2.Stabilization of waste Proposed Plan remedy offers equivalent protection

6 Cleanup Goals Site-Specific PRGs by Medium COCSite-Specific PRG Soil, Residential (mg/kg) or (ppm) Arsenic37 Cadmium75 Lead500 Soil, Nonresidential (mg/kg) or (ppm) Arsenic200 Cadmium560 Lead1,000 Surface Water (μg/L) or (ppb) Cadmium238 Sediment (mg/kg) or (ppm) Arsenic 181 Cadmium813 Lead500 Protect human health and the environment Impacts above cleanup goals and visual smelter waste will be addressed

7 Site Design

8 Site Design Stormwater Management

9 Tentative Schedule Procurement of a Contractor – 30 to 60 days Pre-Construction Tasks – 45 days From Mobilization to Substantial Completion of On-site Activities – 10 months

10 Activities during that 10 month period Site Mobilization Clear and Grub Soil and Sediment Erosion Control Decontamination Area Dewatering the Ponds Waste, Soil, and Sediment Consolidation Confirmation Sampling Remove Existing Wells/Install O&M Wells Site Grading and Seeding Demobilization

11 Protective Elements Health & Safety Plan Transportation Plan Decontamination Plan Dust Suppression Plan Site Management Plan Stormwater Management Plan

12 Site at Completion

13 Perimeter Sign

14 Operation and Maintenance

15 Locations to review site documents: Collinsville Public Library Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality Central Records Division aFuels.htm aFuels.htm United States Environmental Protection Agency

16 Your input on the Proposed Plan is important to us Ways to Comment on the Proposed Plan: Orally at tonight’s meeting By Letter to: ODEQ, Rachel Hanigan, 707 N. Robinson, P.O. Box 1677, Oklahoma City, OK 73101-1677 By Email to: or Comments must be postmarked or emailed by Monday, March 2, 2015.

17 Questions or Comments?

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