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Introduction to ArcView ArcView_module_2 May 12, 10:40 AM.

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1 Introduction to ArcView ArcView_module_2 May 12, 10:40 AM

2 Outline How ArcView is organized? What ArcView does? Data

3 Project How organized? One project contains five types of components (called documents): Views, Tables, Charts, Layouts, and Scripts

4 Documents work with a theme in Views manage a table in Tables create charts from a theme or a table in Charts create a high-quality map by putting together graphic elements in Layouts customize in Scripts How organized?

5 Views How organized? Table of Content View Document (View Window) With One Theme

6 Tables How organized? Table Document (Table Window)

7 Chart Document (Chart Window) Charts How organized? “Proj5” Project With One Chart Document

8 Layout Document (Layout Window) Layouts How organized?

9 Documents Each document displays data differently; each has its own related menus, buttons, and tools organized in a unique interface They are dynamically linked How organized?

10 Project files “.apr ” allows all the works (e.g. creating maps, joining tables, making charts) to be saved in one file. saves only descriptive information about the work (i.e. doesn ’ t save the actual data). How organized?

11 ArcView functionalities ArcView divides functionalities into the core program and extensions. Core program – generic capabilities e.g. menu/button/tool supported in the documents when no extensions are loaded Extensions – additional capabilities loaded onto the core program e.g. Spatial Analyst, Network Analyst, 3D Analyst, Geoprocessing, Digitizer, Image Support # We are going to learn the core program What it does?

12 View displaying spatial data identifying features attributes selecting features thematic mapping (e.g., choropleth map, dot density map, chart map) measuring distance/area analyzing spatial relationships geocoding What it does?

13 Table displaying tables selecting records by mouse /queries editing tables summarizing attributes of selected records getting a statistics of selected records Joining/linking tables What it does?

14 Chart creating a chart modifying a chart element identifying features/records on the chart What it does?

15 Layout adding a frame manipulating a frame adding a text drawing graphics exporting a layout to a image file What it does?

16 Scripts compiling/running scripts debugging scripts What it does?

17 Geographic Data Geographic data stores the geometric location of particular features, along with attribute information describing what these features represent Data

18 Geographic Data Spatial Data Descriptive Data (Tabular data) Feature data (vector) Image data (raster) Data

19 Spatial data Georeferenced to known locations on the Earth's surface (i.e. employs a specific coordinate system, unit of measurement and map projection) primarily feature based (e.g. topology) organized thematically into different layers, or themes (e.g. streams, landuse, elevation, and buildings ) Data

20 Feature data Coordinate-based representation of map features (i.e. A point is stored as a single x, y coordinate, a line as a pair of x, y coordinates, and a polygon as a set of x, y coordinates) Good to represent discrete entities (e.g. school, event location, lake) Supported format in Arcview includes ArcView shapefiles, Arc/Info coverages, SDE layers, VPF, and so on Data

21 Image data Cell-based representation of map features (e.g. satellite imagery, aerial photo) Good to represent continuous entities (e.g., temperature, elevation, toxic level) Supported format in ArcView includes TIFF, JPEG, MrSID, Arc/Info GRID, BMP, BIL and so on Data

22 Tabular data stored in a table ArcView supports data from database servers such as Oracle, Ingres, Sybase, Informix, etc, dBASE files, Arc/Info INFO tables, text files with fields separated by tabs or commas. Data

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