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Demonstration Speeches

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1 Demonstration Speeches

2 Characteristics of a Demonstration Speech
A good demonstration speech teaches. It's a variation of the informative speech with in-built visual aids. The audience, through listening, watching or participating, learns something new. As their guide, you will take them through a process of 'show and tell' covering each step from set-up to finish. Think of it as a 'how-to'. Examples of topics easily fitting its requirements are: How to wax a surfboard How to make a pumpkin pie How to fix a puncture in your bike tire

3 How to Choose a Topic The following questions will assist you in choosing an appropriate Demonstration Speech Topic: Who is your audience? What will be of interest to them? It's much, much harder to persuade an unwilling or bored audience that you have anything interesting to say or show. Choose appropriately Why does my audience need to listen to my speech?‘ What will they gain from it?' Put yourself in their shoes. If you were them, what would make your topic appeal?

4 How to Choose a Topic, cont.
Can this topic be broken down into easily followed sequential steps? If the answer is 'YES' you can go ahead. If the answer is 'NO' you'll need to think again. Can this topic adapt to fit the setting for the speech? Example: My topic is 'How to saddle a horse correctly'. The setting for my speech is the classroom, or a hall. Understandably, I can't bring my horse! But is there another way around the problem? Can I use video-clips I shot and edited? be sure to ask what the rules are before committing yourself to using other media forms i.e. power point presentation, video etc. Is this topic something I'm passionate about or genuinely interested in? Your enthusiasm (or lack of it) communicates directly with the audience. It bypasses your words and shows in your body language. Are you committed? Are you interested? Do you really care? Great demonstration speeches are a combination of confidence and information. You need both.

5 Planning, Preparation The goal is to successfully teach a process or skill. Success or failure in teaching is always measured from the pupil or student's perspective. So if my demonstration speech is on 'how to tie a tie', then the desired result is an audience capable of tying their own ties or at least inspired to try. Three- part format: Introduction: tell the audience what it is they're going to learn, why they'll benefit from learning it and why you chose the topic. Body of the speech -- the demonstration itself (be sure that you cover each step in the process, and that you explain each step in enough detail so that anyone can complete the task at a basic level of competence (see Slide # 7-9 for more information)

6 Planning, Preparation & Delivery, cont.
Conclusion -- summarizing what it is that's been learnt and reinforcing its benefits. Woven throughout each of these segments you'll provide visual aids (either the items themselves or charts, diagrams, photographs, video etc.) and personal stories to illustrate. You may even include the audience if appropriate. For example, if you're tying ties, then having one for everybody to practice with as you're going through the steps makes sense.

7 The Body of Demonstration Speeches
Begin with the desired outcome Consider the steps needed to complete the task Do the task yourself, asking as you go along: What does my audience need to know about each step? What will make it easier for my audience to understand? Do they need to see it? Do they need to do it? Do I need to include every step or can I safely either skip some or clump them together?

8 Speech Delivery Talk the process out loud to yourself making sure your vocabulary is free of jargon or if you do use specialist words, you explain them fully. Ask for feedback so you can fine tune the balance between 'showing and telling'. :

9 Speech Deliver, cont. Questions you'll want answered are:
Are the steps in the process logical? Are my instructions or explanations clear? Is it interesting, amusing, effective? What do I need to do to improve?

10 Speech Topics teach a child to ride a bike
teach a child to read the time read to a child read music set a dinner table fold table napkins prepare a baby's bottle wash a dog play an instrument write a thank-you letter sharpen a knife prepare chicken safely make your own relish, jam, pastry... read braille use sign language

11 Speech Topics, cont. iron a shirt properly
make a perfect posy of flowers read the language of flowers oil a bike chain change a tire mend a puncture learn to skate board learn to surf do basic first aid survive in the bush, desert, mountains... prepare a survival kit buy online safely take a good photograph care for a pet bake bread, bagels...

12 Speech Topics, cont. read the tides read body language
understand cultural difference in body language catch a fish prepare and set a net smoke a fish play chess do a cross-word apply make-up correctly select the right make-up for you travel safely in a foreign country burglar proof your home save money recycle break old habits learn to draw, sketch

13 Speech Topics, cont. grow your own herbs
make your own cosmetics, creams etc sew your own clothes design your own clothes fix a blocked sink fix a leaking faucet replace a cracked tile polish wooden furniture correctly make natural dyes spin or weave play with a small child create a seasonal centre piece for the table make a Christmas wreath paint eggs make chocolate

14 Speech Topics, cont. scrapbook fly a kite knot a tie
make your own jewelry from antique buttons use chop sticks prepare green tea and serve it correctly wax a surfboard take a pulse defend yourself (basic self defense) interpret a modern painting read a palm plan a party prune a rose

15 Speech Topics, cont. talk to a deaf person
how to design & make a greeting card knit crochet embroider quilt felt alter your own clothes...take up a hem etc. sharpen a knife prepare chicken safely make your own relish, jam, pastry... read braille use sign language

16 Speech Topics, cont. lift without damaging your back
choose colors that suit you choose clothes that suit you graft a plant grow from seed prepare and plant a tub with flower or vegetable seedlings bonsai recognize poisonous plants or insects read the clouds read the stars

17 Speech Topics, cont. learn to paint in water colors make papier mache
work puppets decoupage use stencils make a perfect cup of coffee, tea...

18 Speech Topics, cont. press flowers whistle train a puppy
make a bird feeder plait or braid hair do a cheap style make-over shop at thrift stores restore a piece of furniture

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