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Unit 9 Human Relationships. Contents Part I: More information about the Text Part II: More skills about Practical Writing Part III: Practice makes perfect---

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1 Unit 9 Human Relationships

2 Contents Part I: More information about the Text Part II: More skills about Practical Writing Part III: Practice makes perfect--- Practical training

3 Part I More information about the Text 1) The recipes of love 2) Happy human relationship 3) A successful marriage 4) A happy family 5) Friendship

4 The recipes of love love family marriage friends ※ Kindness ※ Taking care of each other ※ Responsibility

5 Happy human relationship  It is the people in our lives who bring us the most happiness. Family, friends and co-workers, who are part of our inner circle, share our experiences, hopes and dreams, successes and frustrations, joys and pains. The key to happiness is a harmonious relationship with the people in our lives.

6 A successful marriage (I)  More and more studies are revealing the importance of a happy, healthy relationship. Happily married people are healthier, better adjusted, more successful and more wealthy than their unhappily married or single counterparts.  Every marriage deserves a fair chance, no matter where it is now, and no matter what you or your spouse have done (or not done). You may have tried to change things with little success. You may be wondering if there is any hope for the relationship. Many marriages are in a similar place.

7 A Successful Marriage (II)  Accurate Perception  Clear Communication  Right Action

8 A successful marriage (III) Don't break up; wake up and make up!  Married couples can learn how to stay together and reap the harvest of real and lasting love. Singles can learn how to keep a relationship growing, instead of stopping it before it starts. The truth is that men and women are actually very much alike even though the ways we behave and express ourselves can make it seem like "men are from Mars and women are from Venus." Both men and women are from Earth and we can all learn to change and enjoy the ride!

9 A happy family (I)  Parents always try to prove the benefits of being honest when you are a little child. A good story in this regard is.One day the child Washington chop down his farther’ s favorite cherry tree; although knowing he would deserve to be punished, he told his father the truth. Unexpected, his farther apprised him rather than executing a punishment; moreover, he was encouraged to maintain the good manner all the time. As known to all, the honest boy eventually became one of the greatest presidents in American history. Kindness Honesty& trust A happy family love

10 A happy family (II)  More people disregard their passion and interests and choose careers based on job security, pay and professional promotion.  As a result, they find themselves isolated and without friends. Loneliness is a common tragedy that destroys lives.  Actually we were old enough to remember the old saying "Money doesn’t buy happiness", yet we strive for the material objects and pay a high price.  The essence of happiness is the unconditionally love we have for the people in our lives and their unconditionally love for us.

11 Friendship (I)  "Love is a lamp, it will be brightest in the darkest place." It shows us a vivid picture: Where and who need live, love is the noblest feeling. So we should give our love to those who are in need. If everyone can give his love to whom in need, then the world will be filled with love.

12 Friendship (II)  In the countryside, there are millions of pupils, who can't afford to attend school. Some of them never attend school. They are unfortunate, but now there are many warm-hearted people who give help to the pupils. Of course, we can also show our love in many other ways. As a friend, we should help our friends when they are in trouble. There is a saying: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

13 Part II More skills about Practical Writing Product Descriptions

14 Product Descriptions (I)  The first and most important piece of information you'll want to prepare is a "long description" of your product. This description can often be used to market your application to different distribution channels and to provide the product information to consumers. Your description should tell consumers how they can benefit from your product and also provide an overview of the application's function. It's also good practice to include a link to your company's Web site or product site where a consumer can find more detailed information.

15 Product Descriptions (II)  In addition to this "long description," you'll want to create a 2-3 line "short description" that's both catchy and informative. This is the description that will appear next to the link for your product in the distributor's application catalogue.

16 Sample (I) Nutritional Hair Repair Shampoo 700ml This shampoo can repair dry and damaged hair. The rich moisturizing formulation contains wheat protein, which can replenish all the nutrients required. It will be one of the best way to rejuvenate your hair. Directions: Shampoo hair as usual, it is recommended to use Koala Green’s Deep Moisturizing Hair Conditioner afterwards.

17 Sample (II)  The rubber belt track is suitable for cleaning tool, mechanical spring, chain, precision casting, die easting, stainless steel products, etc. This product is a modified product by acquired technology with small ridge on the track surface. The inside diameter of the track has guide ridge against the off tracking of the track. For the model not listed, we can fabricate according to the customer requirements.

18 Sample (III)  The waterproof finish paint of stone chip lacquer is acrylic polymer, mainly used as the surface application of stone chip lacquer to resist water and protect its color. It is a kind of transparent liquid with certain viscosity and bright luster. It performs well in prolonging the lifespan of stone chip lacquer, and preventing water against infiltration. Short drying time, good hardness, good waterproof, luster and color preserving performance.

19 Part III Practice makes perfect 1) Sharpen your mouth 2) Sharpen your brain

20 Practice makes perfect (I) Sharpen your mouth  You quarreled with your friend Sue two days ago, but now you know that it’s very important for you to keep good friendship. So you want to invite her to take part in your party held next Sunday. What would do and what would you say then?  Now you are little Washington saying sorry to your father. What’s the dialogue between you and your father?

21 Practice makes perfect (II) Sharpen your brain You’re writing a letter to ABC company and describe your new product:  Dear_____ :  If you are looking for a ____ [product], you will be pleased to know that we now have the latest model for you.  This model is a new addition to our much praised range of ____ [products]. Enhanced by the new technology, its performance shows dramatic improvement in speed and quality.  We especially invite you to ___ [exhibition] at ____ [location] and to see our display on Stand No.2. There you will see a demonstration of our new model. The exhibition will be held from ___ [date] to___ [date], 9 am. to 5 pm. We are looking forward to meeting you there.  Yours sincerely,  _____[name]  _____[title]

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