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Welcome to Newcastle! Postgraduate Induction 2014 Professor John Kirby Dean of Postgraduate Studies Faculty of Medical Sciences.

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1 Welcome to Newcastle! Postgraduate Induction 2014 Professor John Kirby Dean of Postgraduate Studies Faculty of Medical Sciences


3 The City Newcastle upon Tyne – the River Tyne divides Newcastle from Gateshead – Founded by the Romans almost 2000 years ago One end of Hadrian’s Wall (Wallsend) – Population of about 300,000 38 th largest city in the UK In term time almost 1/6 of population are students! – For its size, one of the safest cities in the UK – We are surrounded by some of the UK’s most beautiful countryside

4 The University Newcastle University is one of the UK’s leading research-intensive universities – The Russell Group (named after a hotel in London where Vice Chancellors like to meet) Our students are satisfied and benefit from high-quality, research-informed teaching. – What is the evidence?

5 Congratulations! You have chosen to study at an excellent university Last week our faculty was listed at position 94 out of 15,000 universities in a global league table Students of UK universities are regularly asked about their experience – This year our students judged Newcastle second highest amongst leading universities for overall satisfaction (independent NSS survey) – Our postgraduate research students also consider Newcastle an excellent place to work (independent PRES survey)

6 Your opinion of us: PRES 2013

7 Some facts and figures Student numbers: – 16,000 undergraduates – 6,000 postgraduates Staff: – 2,400 teachers Organised into 3 faculties: – Faculty of Medical Sciences:4,600 students – Science, Agriculture and Engineering:6,500 students – Humanities and Social Sciences:10,700 students 3,774 postgraduate degrees were awarded last year!

8 Principal Officers (our bosses!) The Chancellor – Professor Sir Liam Donaldson – Former Chief Medical Officer, England – An important ceremonial figurehead The Vice-Chancellor – Professor Chris Brink – Manages the University The Pro-Vice-Chancellor – Professor Chris Day – Manages the Faculty of Medical Sciences

9 The Faculty of Medical Sciences Management – The Pro-Vice-ChancellorProf Chris Day – Deans: Clinical MedicineProf Julia Newton Research and InnovationProf Dave Jones Undergraduate StudiesProf Jane Calvert International Medical EducationProf Roger Barton Postgraduate Studiesme

10 The Faculty of Medical Sciences All research staff and research students are based in a Research Institute. There are six Research Institutes: – Cell and Molecular Biosciences ICaMB – Cellular MedicineICM – Health and SocietyIHS – Genetic MedicineIGM – NeurosciencesIoN – Northern Institute of Cancer ResearchNICR

11 The Graduate School All research students are also member of the faculty’s Graduate School Why do you need both an Institute and a Graduate School? – The Institute will support your research activity – The Graduate School will: Register you as a student Ensure your research project and supervisors are appropriate Help you to make good progress throughout your course Provide many additional training activities Support meetings with students from other institutes Provide a sympathetic ear and help you with any problems

12 The Graduate School Facts and figures: – We have about 500 PhD students at all stages – About 60 MD students – About 200 MRes students Good news! – Almost all students submit their thesis on time. – More than 95% of students who submitted their PhD thesis last year were awarded the degree. The School also manages more than 700 students registered for taught programmes (MSc, etc)

13 Where is the Graduate School? Common Room Ground floor, medical school – Small computer cluster (with WiFi) – Popular science magazines – Café area Drinks Chocolate machine! – 3 small private study rooms Can be booked Student’s reception and office 3 rd floor Ridley Building 1

14 The Graduate School – who’s who? meDean Dr Alison Tyson-CapperPostgraduate Tutor Prof Dianne FordDirector of PhD Studies Prof Rob PickardDirector of MD Studies Prof Steve YeamanDirector International Studies Prof Rob TaylorPG Recruitment Dr Tim CheekBBSRC programme director Dr Richy HetheringtonDevelopment co-ordinator Ms Barbara SumnerGraduate School Administrator

15 A most important person – your supervisor

16 Supervisory teams You will be supported by several supervisors working in a team (minimum of 2 people) – Supervisors must: Be experienced (supervised previous students) Have appropriate research expertise You will have formal meetings with your supervisors – You must meet your lead supervisor at least 10 times per year – You must meet your co-supervisors at least 3 times per year – These are minimal expectations (you might want many more meetings!)

17 Further academic support Your project and supervisory team will be examined at the start by your progress review panel – Two independent but appropriately skilled academics (generally appointed by your institute) Your progress through the degree will be monitored regularly by this panel – This is designed to help you and your supervisors – Please attend the Managing your Research Degree session

18 Even more support! Each Institute has a Postgraduate Research Co-ordinator (supported by an administrator)

19 We listen to you (and respond) You will have student representation on important Institute committees There is a Student Representative’s Committee to inform the Graduate School We have student representative members of the Graduate School Committee We do listen and wherever possible we will change our practices to improve the experience of our students.

20 A final word At this level we are all colleagues – Your research successes are shared by the faculty and ensure our joint future Students publish some of our leading papers Please don’t worry about anything – you can seek help from anyone and we are all eager to help Supervisor Progress panel Postgraduate Research Co-ordinator Graduate School staff Postgraduate Tutor or me!

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