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WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING IN BOLD Hint Hint : By Krystal, Aimee, Karisma…. And Tyler.

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3 By Krystal, Aimee, Karisma…. And Tyler

4 FUN FACTS 1. There are more nerve cells in the human brain than there are stars in the Milky Way. 2. If we lined up all the neurons in our body it would be around 600 miles long. 3. There are 100 billion neurons in your brain alone. 4. A newborn baby's brain grows almost 3 times during the course of its first year. 5. The left side of human brain controls the right side of the body and the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body.

5 FUN FACTS PART 2  6. A New born baby loses about half of their nerve cells before they are born. 7. As we get older, the brain loses almost one gram per year. 8. There are about 13, 500,00 neurons in the human spinal cord. 9. The total surface area of the human brain is about 25, 000 square cm

6 KEY TERMS  Brain- Soft mass of tissue inside the cranium  Nerve- Group of nerve tissues that conduct impulses  Spinal Cord- A column of nervous tissue extending from the medulla oblongata of the brain to the second lumbar vertebra in the vertebral column.  Hypothalamus- That structure in the diencephalon of the brain that regulates and controls many body functions

7 KEY TERMS PART 2  Ventricle- a cavity in the brain  Pons- Portion of the brain stem that connects the medulla oblongata and the cerebellum to the upper portions of the brain  Medulla Oblongata- The lower part of the brain stems; controls vital processes such as respiration and heartbeat  Meninges- Membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord

8 HEALTH CARE CAREERS  Neurosurgeon- one who performs on any part of the brain and or nervous system.  Psychiatrist- a medical practitioner specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness  Physical Therapist- health care professionals that help patients reduce pain and help repair motor skills  Chiropractor- health care professionals that diagnose, treat, and/or problems with the spine.  Mental Health Technicians- health care workers who help psychiatrists with mental health patience. 


10  The peripheral nervous system consists of two systems.  The Somatic nervous system and the Autonomic nervous system  The Somatic nervous system has 12 pairs of cranial nerves.  The Autonomic nervous system has 31 pairs of spinal nerves.  Cranial nerves give general sensations like pain, touch, sensations, temperature, pressure, involuntary movements of muscles, etc.  Spinal nerves are used for sensory and motor skills. The Peripheral Nervous System

11 AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM  An important part of the peripheral nervous system.  This part of the system helps maintain a balance in the involuntary functions of the body.  There are two divisions to the autonomic nervous system: Sympathetic Nervous System Parasympathetic Nervous System  These two systems work together to maintain a balance state (homeostasis).

12 SYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM  In times of emergency… The sympathetic nervous system prepares the body by: Increase heart rate Respiration Blood Pressure Slowing activity in digestive tract

13 PARASYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM  After the Emergency… The parasympathetic nervous system prepares the body by: Slowing the heart rate Decreasing respiration Lowering blood pressure Increase activity in digestive tract

14 DISEASES  Encephalitis- inflammation of the brain and is caused by the virus, bacterium, or chemical agent.  Neuralgia- nerve pain  Meningitis- inflammation of the meninges of the brain and/or spinal cord and is caused by a bacterium, virus, fungus, or toxins

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