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European Traditional Music. Regions British Isles Northern Western Southern Eastern.

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1 European Traditional Music

2 Regions British Isles Northern Western Southern Eastern

3 England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland

4 Instruments Common Instruments ▫Bagpipes ▫Accordion ▫Bodhran (Scotland and Ireland) ▫Fiddle ▫Tin Whistle ▫Harp ▫Guitar ▫Bones (Spoons)

5 Examples of Music Irish – Down by the Salley GardensDown by the Salley Gardens Scottish - Puirt à BeulPuirt à Beul English – Sailor’s HornpipeSailor’s Hornpipe Welsh - Ar Hyd y Nos (All Through the Night)Ar Hyd y Nos (All Through the Night) Research Links ▫Scottish MusicScottish Music ▫Irish SongsIrish Songs Smithsonian Folkways Videos ▫A Nautical Irish EveningA Nautical Irish Evening ▫A Song from WalesA Song from Wales ▫Welsh Folk SongsWelsh Folk Songs

6 Ireland Irish traditional music includes many kinds of songs, including drinking songs, ballads and laments, sung unaccompanied or with accompaniment by a variety of instruments. Traditional dance music includes reels (4/4), horn pipes and jigs (the common double jig is in 6/8 time). Examples Reel – Cooney’s Reel and Drowsy Maggie – Duple Meter’s Reel and Drowsy Maggie Jig – Irish Washerwoman – Triple MeterIrish Washerwoman Irish Dancing GCSE Bitesize – Irish Dance Music

7 Nordic Countries: Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark

8 Instruments Dulcimer Fiddle Hardanger Fiddle ▫ – Fiddle with sympathetic strings. Harmonica Accordion Hurdy Gurdy

9 Characteristics and Examples Dulcimer and fiddle are the most prominent instruments. Dance music – Mazurka, Valz, Polka, etc. – very popular. Music that tells a story. Research Links ▫Generic InfoGeneric Info

10 Examples of Music from each Country. Eivør – Trøllabundin Morsiamen Itketys Klinga mina klockor Trædballehus Polka 3 Finnish Folk Inst. Violin and Zither Swedish dance to Soldier’s Joy (English folk song)Swedish dance to Soldier’s Joy (English folk song) Danish traditional dance Traditional Fighting Dance

11 The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland

12 Germany - Bavaria Southern Part of Germany – Alps Instruments ▫Accordion ▫Brass Instruments  Trumpet  Trombone  Tuba/Sousaphone ▫Hammer Dulcimer ▫Guitar ▫Harp ▫AlphornAlphorn Brass Bands Yodeling

13 Examples of German Music (Maybe some Austrian) Zsammg'spuit Goldried Quintett X'seis Trio Der Jäger aus Kurpfalz Im Wald Und Auf Der Heide

14 Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece

15 Spain Instruments ▫Classical Guitar ▫Castanets – The national instrument of Spain.Castanets ▫Accordion ▫Palmas – palms, body percussionPalmas ▫Gaita – Bagpipe Focus on smaller ensembles. Dance music from different regions. Influences from Celtic, African, Arabic, Gypsy, Jewish, and Christian cultures. Northern Spain – bagpipe (gaita) culture Southern Spain – flamenco culture ▫Why?

16 Examples of Spanish Music En el Café de Chinitas Malagueña – Originated in Andalucia – became a flamenco style.Malagueña Fandango – DanceFandango Jota – DanceJota Gaitas Asturianas Moraito Chico – Bulerias Al Toque Flamenco Bolero and Tanguillo Por El Hablar He La Gente

17 Links to resources on Spanish Music. Spanish Dances – DescriptionsDescriptions The Rough Guide to Flamenco Dance A little History.History

18 Greece Instruments ▫3 Main Groups  Chordophones  Aerophones  Membraphones ▫Violin (Violi)Violin ▫BouzoukiBouzouki ▫Clarinet (Klarino)Clarinet ▫Lyra (Rebec)Lyra ▫Tambourine ▫Toubeleki (Ceramic hourglass drum) – similar to doubek.Toubeleki

19 Greek Music Examples ▫Παπαναστάσης Ήλιε ΗλιάκηΠαπαναστάσης Ήλιε Ηλιάκη ▫Kristi Stassinopoulou: Sto PatithrakiKristi Stassinopoulou: Sto Patithraki ▫Μά'ισσα Σεληνη-Νικος ΠαπαζογλουΜά'ισσα Σεληνη-Νικος Παπαζογλου ▫Popova kerka - Greek folk music (Almopia, Macedonia, Greece)Popova kerka - Greek folk music (Almopia, Macedonia, Greece)

20 Examples of Italian Music Totore Chessa: Costera Domo Emigrantes Tarantella rosi e sciuri Tarantella rosi e sciuri Polka dzalaye

21 Examples of Portuguese Music Fado Portugues Marcha dos manjericos Santa Marta de Portuzelo

22 Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Czeck Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Abania, Western Russia… etc.

23 Gypsy/Romani Largely popular in Central and Eastern Europe. Highest populations in Romania, Hungary, and former Yugoslavia. Romani – Originated in Northern India. Were Nomadic people who travelled in Europe and are mostly settled. What instruments can you hear in these Romani examples? Ion Petre Stoican - Hora Lui MihaleaIon Petre Stoican - Hora Lui Mihalea Oppadirida - Cimbali Band Oleg Ponomarev's Koshka

24 Klezmer - Jewish Klezmer music is intended to replicate the human voice, including sounds of crying, wailing and laughing. It is generally the violin's job to do this imitation. Often, a klezmer band will include a fiddle, a bass or cello, a clarinet and a drum. Secondary instruments include hammered dulcimers and accordion. Made for dancing. May contain influences from many other cultures/genres. Chava Alberstein - A Good MemoryChava Alberstein - A Good Memory Amsterdam Klezmer Band: Takaj ZhiznAmsterdam Klezmer Band: Takaj Zhizn In Your Garden Twenty Fecund Fruit Trees - Frank London's Klezmer Brass AllstarsIn Your Garden Twenty Fecund Fruit Trees - Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars Brave Old World

25 Extras Balalaika – Triangular Russian Lute – 3 strings, 2 the same pitch, 1 a different pitch.Balalaika Mandolin – Tuned the same as a violin (5ths, E A D G). Double strings.Mandolin Jaw Harp Cimbalom – Type of hammered dulcimer.Cimbalom Bulgarian Choir Medley of Ukrainian Folk SongsMedley of Ukrainian Folk Songs Polka – meaning “Polish Woman”. Very popular dance music played throughout Europe.Polka French Accordion

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