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Vocab #7. pon/pos: put, place, set position the manner in which a thing is placed.

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1 Vocab #7

2 pon/pos: put, place, set

3 position the manner in which a thing is placed

4 positive stated; express; emphatic

5 post a place; station; position

6 posture placement of the limbs of the body

7 composition parts to form a whole

8 composite combining parts or elements to form a whole

9 expose show for all to see

10 depose/depostion giving testimony under oath

11 impose to place on

12 propose / proposal proposition an offer; to suggest

13 postpone, component, opponent, proponent, deposit, expound, impound

14 jur/jus law

15 jury a group of twelve who are sworn to give a just verdict

16 juror one who serves by law on a jury

17 jurisdiction the legal right and power to hear and determine a cause

18 justice righteousness, lawfulness administering deserved punishment

19 adjust to change something so that it fits

20 conjure to call or bring into existence by or (as if by magic)

21 put to think

22 compute to calculate

23 computer

24 dispute to disagree about a matter; argue; quarrel

25 reputation public opinion

26 reputable honorable, respectable

27 putative commonly regarded as being

28 log word; speech; reason

29 logic reason or sound judgment

30 logos referring to facts, data, statistics

31 logo a graphic representation or symbol of a company name, trademark

32 prologue an introduction to a play

33 monologue long speech

34 dialogue a conversation between two people or characters

35 epilogue a short speech (often in verse) addressed directly to the audience by an actor at the end of a play

36 analog/analogy an inference that if things agree in some respects they probably agree in others

37 eulogy speech-often part of a funeral- in which someone is praised

38 log records of a ship or aircraft

39 terr land; earth

40 terrain ground or land

41 territory an area of land

42 terriform to alter the environment

43 extraterrestrial existing outside the earth

44 super- above

45 superintendent one in charge; overseer Dr. John Barge Georgia Superintendent of Schools

46 superiority excellence; preeminence

47 - en made of

48 enlighten darken forgotten forgiven broaden mistaken broken chosen dishearten

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