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Account Advising & Product Walter van Dijk 27 September 2012.

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1 Account Advising & Product Management @SURFnet Walter van Dijk 27 September 2012

2 This presentation  …explains how SURFnet is organized: from a customer perspective as well as  …how ‘productization’ is organized within SURFnet and concludes with  …some examples of activities that we organize in order to stimulate service-development & service adoption

3 SURFnet: the Dutch NREN SURFnet is the Dutch National Research & Education Network (NREN) –Services, innovation, knowledge –Not for profit –Task organisation of Stichting SURF = ICT collaboration of higher education & research A small operation serving a large community : –85 employees –160 connected institutions –1 million end-users –Turnover 35 million Euro; 1/3 innovation subsidies SURFnet - We make innovation work 3

4 SURFnet: the Dutch NREN Our community –Research universities –Universities of Applied Sciences –Academic & teaching hospitals –Research institutes –Research departments of companies –Scientific libraries –Secondary vocational education & training SURFnet characteristics: –On the demand side of the market –Global collaboration in innovation –Unique relationship with both users and suppliers –Bridge between R&D and market SURFnet - We make innovation work 4

5 Service portfolio 2012 SURFnet - We make innovation work 5 Network InfastructureCollaboration Infrastructure SURFinternet SURFlightpaths Connecting dislocation via IP SURFdashboard SURFopzichter SURFinternetpinnen (guar. 2015) eduroam SURFcert SURFmailfilter (guar. 2015) SURFconsultancy SURFdomainnames SURFconext SURFgroepen (EoL 2012) SURFmedia (EoL 2012) SURFcertificaten (guar. 2015) SURFcontact (EoL 2012)

6 Organization principles Principles –Foster tension between technology and user perspectives in organization –Management of professionals –Keep people working on innovation and operations close together (SURFnet outsources all operational management of services) –Flat organization Matrix organization –All people and operations in departments –Innovation in multi-disciplinary teams SURFnet - We make innovation work 6

7 Internal organization SURFnet - We make innovation work 7

8 Three ‘customer facing’ departments Account Advising (12)  Account Advisers (5) + Support (1)  Product & Service Management Network Infrastructure (2)  Vendor Management Cloud services (2)  Project Managers (2) Community Support (9)  Community Managers Research (4)  Product & Service Management Collaboration Infrastructure (5) Communication & Marketing (5)  Corporate communications  Knowledge dissemination from innovation & projects  Marketing coordination

9 Lifecycle of services  Product Management is in the lead at each of the phase transitions  Marketing activities are focused on the phase transitions

10 Fostering service development  Innovation meetings  Marketplace for innovative concepts  Focused on SURFnet employees  Three meetings a year with competition (voting)  Winning concepts honored with 5-25K  Innovation teams  Six teams of 5-10 fte, focused on innovation: Network Infra:Collaboration Infra: 1. SURFnet7 Infra4. SURFconext Infra 2. Network Innovation (BoD)5. CI Vendor Management 3. Mobile/wireless6. CI Adoption

11 Fostering service adoption  Enlighten your Research  Focus on the adoption of lightpaths & SURFconext  Focus on end-users  Close collaboration with ICT-departments  Winning concepts honored with lightpaths  Campus Challenge  Focus on development of campus infrastructure  Focus on ICT-management  Involvement of lead-users  Winning concept honored with co-financing

12 W @walingvandijk walingvandijk +31 30 2 305 305 Creative Commons “Attribution” license:

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