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Paws Inc. International Headquarters The home of Garfield the Cat.

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1 Paws Inc. International Headquarters The home of Garfield the Cat

2 Paws Inc. The creative team behind the “Cat”

3 Before James Davis was a cartoonist, he worked for the British Secret Service! A little know fact …

4 “I’ve got the best job in the world… To make you smile for 15 seconds every day!” Foundation for American Health Care Leadership

5 The most widely syndicated comic strip on the planet! GARFIELD: SINCE JUNE 19, 1978! *Guinness World Records, 2002 Published in 2600 newspapers worldwide 263,000,000 readers daily Translated into dozens of languages Published in over 110 countries Over 140 million books sold worldwide The Garfield Movie this year grossed over 195 million dollars

6 Literacy and Education Programs… Past and Present  Jim Davis hosts US Teacher of the Year at Paws every year  Children’s Literacy Initiative with Barbara Bush’s Story Time  Title I Reading Program  Indiana Motor Vehicles License plate program - raising over 3mm dollars for Indiana schools  Garfield’s “Sleep Well, Do Well” Campaign, National Institutes of Health  Argus Big Book reading program  Children’s Museum Learning Centers  Garfield bookmobile dedicated before Congress at the 1998 American Library Association  SHOPA Foundation for Educational Excellence  American Library Association’s Summer Reading Program  Literacy Volunteers of America  NASA’s Facts of Life in Space Campaign  Safety Belt Education Program

7 Current Professor Garfield Alliances  The College Board  The National Commission on Writing  National Council of Teachers of English  The Charles Schwab Foundation  Pearson Digital Learning  Merriam-Webster Dictionary  NASA  AWS/Weatherbug  USA Funds/Sallie Mae  Scholarship America  DeMarque Typing Instruction  US Dream Academy  Tom Chapin - Children’s Music  National Institutes of Health

8 Professor Garfield On Healthcare Solution: Leverage the power of the Professor Garfield website as a national platform to teach the importance of health and wellness to children around the world!Fact: Health care education is NOT being addressed sufficiently through the public school system or at home. Methodology Entertain Empower Enlighten Inform Inspire

9 Just as television lead the way with one-way edu-tainment shows like Sesame Street in the 1960’s, the Internet will become the two-way communication tool of choice for educators. Professor Garfield A World Class Learning Lab (The Next E-Bay of Education!)

10 Professor Garfield An overview of the website…

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