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2 Academic Information Session  Welcome and Introductions  CoB Goals and Assumptions  Important Tools for your success  Course Requirements and Sequence for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Degree  Important Highlights  Assignment  CoB Freshman Convocation 2014

3 Introductions Introductions  Student Services Office (SSO)  Located in 214 Copeland Hall  Telephone # 740 593 2000  Professional Advisors (SSO)

4 Mike Bila, Assistant Dean Lori Mardis, Advisor Misty Milstead, Advisor Beatrice Selotlegeng, Advisor

5 CoB Goals and Assumptions  Main Goal : To register for Fall Semester.  Through a schedule of: Classes that meet a REQUIREMENT Classes that are OFFERED Classes that are OPEN  Key Assumptions  You want to graduate in 4 years  You will be available to take classes from 7:30 am -10 pm

6 Important Tools  The Ohio University Experience Handbook:  A guide to Academic Success (from orientation)   ONLINE Catalog ONLINE Catalog  OU Email account OU Email account  DARS DARS  COB web page COB web page

7 Bachelor of Business Administration Degree  BBA-128 Semester Hours  Business Courses– Minimum 52 Semester Hours  Non- Business Courses – Minimum 42 Semester Hours  Free Elective Courses – Minimum 34 Semester Hours  Single or Double Major  Three Key Segments of Knowledge  OU General Education Requirements TIERS I, II, III  College Requirements Business Core Business Cluster Global Perspective Breath Cluster Internship  Requirements for the major List of Courses depending on major(s)

8 Recommended Freshman Course Sequence  BA 1000 (1)Intro to College of Business (FALL SEMESTER ONLY)  BA 1100 (3)Intro to Business (requisite : None)  ECON 1030 (3)Principles of Macroeconomics (requisite: Math placement level 2 or higher or a grade of “C” or better in MATH 1200)  ECON 1040 (3)Principles of Microeconomics (requisite: Math placement level 2 or higher or a grade of “C” or better in MATH 1200)  ENG 1510 (3)Freshman Composition (BBA Students assigned ENG 1510 in Spring Semester ) - International Students will substitute ENG 1610.  MATH 1350 (3)Intro to Calculus (requisite: Math placement level 2 or higher or math 1321 or a grade of “C” or better in MATH 1200)  ACCT 1010(3)Foundations of Accounting (requisite: Math placement level 1 or better or MATH 1200 or D005 or PSY 1110. )  MIS 2010(3)Data Design Analysis (requisite : none; often taken in Freshman year)  Plus Approved Electives (from OU “Tier II”, CoB “Breath Cluster” and “Global Perspective”, and free electives)

9 Non-Business Course Requirements  You must complete the following non-business courses:  Communication ENG 151 0  Mathematics Math 1350  Economics Econ 1030 and 1040  Global Perspective Three options exist  Breadth Cluster One course from each of the 4 areas

10 CoB Non -Business Requirements  Global Perspective - Three options exist:- 1. Foreign Language Complete a foreign language through 2120 2.International Coursework Complete two courses from list (see handout) 3.International Experience Complete one of the following:- CoB Global Consulting Program (GCP) OU Global Leadership Certificate (GLC) Study Abroad through OU Office of Education Abroad COB OHIO Int’l Consulting Program Global Perspective  Three options exist:  1) Completion of a foreign language to 213 or higher  2) 12 hours of approved coursework from the following ANTH 381, 383, 385, 388 CLWR 311, 321, 331, 341 ECON 353 FR 348 GEOG 330, 331, 335, 338 HIST 123, 133, 246, 265A, 323A, 323B, 323C, 323D, 325, 332, 333, 334, 336A, 336B, 337A, 337B, 337C, 338, 338A, 341A, 341B, 341C, 342A, 342B, 343, 344A, 344B, 344C, 345A, 345B, 345C, 346C, 364B, 346D, 346E, 348A, 348B, 353C, 366B, 368B, 373B, 375, 377, 382A, 382B, 382C, 382D, 392C, 426, 449 INST 103, 113, 118, 121 JPC 250 POLS 432, 434, 435, 441, 445, 447A RUS 348 SPAN 348, 349 Note: Only one of the following may be included in the 12 global hours: Hist 123, Hist 133  3) Successful completion of a 12-hour Global Competitiveness Program experience (contact the College of Business Center for International Business at 740-593-2021 for more information about this option) or another approved international experience.

11 CoB Non -Business Requirements  Breath Cluster : Complete one course from the following four areas:- 1.Ethics Phil 1300 : Introduction to Ethics (3) 2.Diversity Complete one course (see handout) 3. Economics Complete One course (see handout) ACCT, FIN, MKT majors : ECON 3050 4.Behavioral Science Complete one course from list below:- ANTH 1010 - Intro to Cultural Anthropology (3) PSY 1010 - General Psychology (3) SOC 1000 – Intro to Sociology (3)

12 Important Notes and Links  Math Placement  Page 36 of OU Experience Handbook  Searching for Courses  : (click on “Course Offerings”)  Registering for Courses  Start at: (enter username and password)  Academic Success Workshop  All CoB enrolled BBA freshmen will be required to attend an academic success workshop in the first week of their Spring semester if their Fall Semester GPA is under 2.50.

13 OU General Education Requirements  Tier I – Quantitative Skills  BBA Students must take the following:- ENG 1510 Freshman Composition MGT 4800J Junior Composition MATH 1350 Introduction to Calculus  Tier II – Breath of Knowledge  You are required to complete a total of 21 credit hours from an approved list of courses  Tier III – Synthesis  Final element of General Education Program College of Business “Capstone Course”

14 Tier II Breath of Knowledge Cont..  See OU Experience Handbook Pages 24 – 35  Note courses that satisfy two areas of knowledge requirement.  Complete a total of 21 credit hours from an approved list of courses in the following six distribution areas: Applied Science and Mathematics (2AS) Cross-Cultural Perspectives (2CP) Fine Arts (2FA) Humanities and Literature (2HL) Natural Sciences (2NS) Social Sciences (2SS)  Take at least three credit hours in each of the six areas  May satisfy no more than two of the required six areas with courses from the same department/school.  May satisfy no more than 8 of the 21 hours with courses from the same department/school.

15 Important Highlights / Important Highlights / Reminders  Don’t wait on math and foreign language sequences.  Utilize the services of the Academic Advancement Center as needed to meet goals  You will get closed out of some classes, but not often enough to delay graduation.  Once you have your grades under control, cautiously get involved in positive extra-curricular activities.  Balance in EVERYTHING is highly recommended  Remember to ask for help – sooner is always better than later  Student Services Office : CPL 214 – always available  Grades are important :-  Employers use them as a cut-off point when selecting candidates for interview  The higher the GPA the more opportunities you will have

16 Grades Matter  Employers require 3.0+ for internship and career fair  2.5 Freshman Drop Policy  After fall if you have below a 2.5 you MUST attend an academic success workshop  After Spring if you are still below a 2.5 you will be dropped from COB (may transfer to another school, depending on grades)

17 Homework and Convocation  Freshman Convocation 2014  August 23, 2014 (see handout)  Sign Contract  Assignment  Complete and sign schedule handout sheet

18 THANK YOU Q and A

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