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2 Informative Presentation
The audience should not know your personal viewpoint; they should learn what other “experts” have said. So watch your language. Instruct Explain Describe Enlighten Clarify Inform the audience about a given topic

3 Requirements (pp. 141-142) A technology related topic
Time limit: 4-5 minutes Narrow down your topic (time, aspect, location, person, number) A reseachable topic (minimum 3 reliable and up-to- date sources, NO WIKIPEDIA) Interesting

4 Organization Topical (types, categories, subtopics) Chronological
Causes Effects Reasons Result

5 What I Don’t Want to See Apple I-pod Nuclear Energy History of Apple
Features of I-Pod Design Cost Quality Comments Nuclear Energy History Advantages Disadvantages Turkey and Nuclear Energy

6 How Can We Fix This? Things you can do Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy
on Apple I-Pod Play music Play video Play games Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy Large capital cost Unstable elements in the waste Risk of radiation release

7 Sample Outlines – Chronological Organization
The Evolution of TV ... The Evolution of TV Black and White Color Plazma & LCD 3D

8 Better Still... Evolution of TV from 1980s onwards
1940s-1980s 1980s-2000 2000- today Evolution of TV from 1980s onwards 1980s-1990s 1990s-2000 2000- today

9 Sample Outlines – Cause / Effect
The Negative Effects of Space Exploration Space Pollution Waste of Money Deaths of Talented Individuals Why did the Challenger Space Shuttle Explode? Poorly functioning O-Rings Faulty design Using a weaker sealant

10 Grading
Visual aids (outline & list of reference in APA format) Visuals will be graded (wrong in the book) See the sample in Appendix 6 (pp )


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