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Dakota’s Capp Project My Career choice would be an Automotive Service Technician.

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2 Dakota’s Capp Project My Career choice would be an Automotive Service Technician.

3 A typical day. This is what would be my typical day of an Automotive technician. 8-9 am–Open up the shop, plan, organize and prepare tools. 9am-12pm- Start working on cars patient focus and interact with others. 1-3pm- Continue working on cars, prepare cars to be worked on the next day. Plan and organize to meet deadlines. 4-5pm–Do my paperwork, go over the day’s finances. Be responsible, concentrate on tasks, work quietly and independently. Stuff I might work on vehicles would be engines, transmissions, brakes, tires, frame work, body work, etcetera.

4 An Automotive Technician’s average is $17.24. Seems descent! The unemployment rate is 2%  Close to the 2004 average. Of unemployment rate for technical, professional and skilled occupants Greetings and salutations, the Education, and training experience for this trades career is completion of Secondary School, and on the job training 2-3 years by employers. Got it. I Hope they don’t give me a wedgie:*( “Ring Ring” Sounds like a call for opportunity!

5 The employment grew at an average rate. Over the years the growth has grew. See what I mean !!! 3 Trends I could relate this topic to would have to be Technology trend, Automation trend, and the internet trend. Technology Trend-Vehicles are becoming more computerized, and an automotive technician has to be familiar with the new technology. Automation Trend- Skilled trades like an automotive technician are still needed locally because people don’t want to have to leave there city/town to find a automotive technician. National and provincial trends. Provinces that are need more automotive trades people are, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. Related Trends

6 Employability Skills Pg.1 of Personal Management Skills – Teamwork skills Learn Continuously -Be willing to continuously learn and grow. -Identify and access learning resources and opportunities. >Because the more I can learn, means that I can respond to mistakes, learn more ways to be efficient, and save time. Work Safely -Be aware of personal and group health and safety practices and procedures and act in accordance. > Working on vehicles is dangerous if you are under one they could fall, if your doing a dyno test it could slip and run someone over, and there are other incidents that can happen, lethal or non- lethal.

7 Employability Skills Pg.2 of Team Work Skills Work With Others -Ensure that a teams purpose and objectives are clear. -Manage and resolve conflict when appropriate. >So workers do not make mistakes, and to make sure nothing happens because there are lots of dangerous objects and incidents that can happen In a mechanic shop. Participate in projects and tasks -Plan, design or carry out a project or task from start to finish with well defined objectives. > Well you have to finish what you started, to get paid, get good reviews, make sure the customer is safe when there vehicle leaves the shop.

8 Employability Skills Pg.3 of Fundamental Skills Think & Solve Problems -Check to see if solutions works, and act on opportunities for improvement. >Make the vehicles that come into the shop work more efficiently, make it fit what the customer wants. Manage Information -Locate gather and organize information using appropriate technology and information systems. >To make sure you don’t make mistakes, have all the tools necessary for fixing a vehicle.

9 The End Of My Presentation. Hope you liked it!! ___ ___ ++ {________} !!! >----!----< ^

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